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Raj represents all Maharashtra ?




(Bihar Times) Its sad that now entire north India is taking MNS stand as official stand of Maharashtra People, which is far from reality.People seating in their homes are forming their views from inputs of TV News Channel.

i am visiting different blogs and news papers online just to know the Reactions form Bihar.
This entire situation is created by Electronic Media who has never tried to be sensible over the issue.

I am Maharashtrian and many others like me ( Most of us !) do not support Raj.But national leaders from North India have made him HERO for Maharashtra.Come to Maharashtra to know the reality ,Its still the safest and best place to settle,for security of Family and for Children's Future.

And please tell your leaders to keep calm we have huge majority of North Indians staying here happily.Though there are incidents of hatred one or two...Thats not real picture The railway accident ,The Railway Coach fight for seats are all False.. However i really feel unhappy over Rahul's case , Police was too eager to react...The police involved in this must be punished.Let me tell you other incidents where North Indian IPS officers have been very harsh to MNS peoples....Police is like this in Maharashtra!

Please don't take MNS views as official views as Maharashtra's views.Bihris are living with us from last 40-45 years happily celebrating and dancing with us in can someone declare that we are enemies now ?

Prashant Sapkale



Surely NO.. Raj does not represent Maharashtra... but yes born in bihar and having lived in the south and in Mumbai for more than 24 yrs... I can say it is high time Bihar wakes up from its castiest agenda on every aspect of a person's life and look beyond. There is only one way to stop this and bring back the state the yester-years of glory.

1. CREATE MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES.  Create an educational industry, tourism industry, focus on more science and technology (if there are so many students from Bihar getting into the IITs, this is more than indication that this will excell), like other states create an IT industry.

2. The mind-set of a typical bihari needs to change. The same people who are ready to migrate to any state and do any menial job should think like-wise and thus earn better living in Bihar itself.

3. Most people from Bihar need to learn to be shrewd and cunning when handling a tight situation and react using their brains and not their hearts and mouth.




I agree with Prashant Sapkale. Raj is merely a paper tiger propped up by the duo of Congress and MCP (Oops NCP) for electoral gain. The way his arrest from Konkan was leaked to the press and his entire journey to Mumbai was covered by TV news reporting where he had breakfast and where he went to toilet is ample proof that this is just political gimmick.

It is time to remember the sacrifice of Dr Chandrakant Patil, a young doctor from Maharashtra who tragically lost his life recently while serving the suffering humanity in the flood hit Kosi region and draw strength from it than feel depressed by the antics of Raj and other politicians hell bent on breaking INdia.
Thakur Vikas Sinha


Dear Prashant,
I am basically from Bihar but since last 18 years I am out of Bihar. I studied in Delhi, worked in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and now since last 8 years settled in Pune. I am happy to read that most people like you do not support Raj and his misdeeds. I have voting rights transferred to Pune now and definitely I am not going to vote MNS/SS. I fully agree with you that most of the literate people in Maharashtra thinks like you. But still there are many who donot agree to your views.
There are two angle to this episode.
A) The first is that, according to our constitution, we are allowed to go/earn/settle anywhere in the country. Leaders of Bihar/UP give this as a reason and do not agree that they did nothing when they were in power. North Indians student already occupy most of the competitive exam seat because apart from preparing for the Govt. jobs, there are no option left for the students there. Students of Western India are more towards private job because of its availability and other things. So it will take time to turn the table. If industralization would have happened there or even existing industry would have continued, people might not have come out side for search of job and betterment of life. People having Biharis style of English will still take time to lead in private sector and students of western India will take time to understand the cracking methodology of competitive exams. I have met many people in Maharashtra and felt that they do not have that kind of understanding what North Indian students have as far as cracking a competitive exam is concerned. Similarly, people from our place do not have that kind of understanding as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. This is because of the environment. Leaders of North should take this as an opprotunity to do something for those states, so that migration will be less.
B) Leaders like Thakrey should understand that this kind of gimmick does not work for a longer period. They should work for Vidharbha farmers, underworld issues of Mumbai, Bangaldeshi in large number in Mumbai, Power problems in Maharashtra.
I agree with you that Maharashtra is good place to live and settle. But with this kind of incidents, it gives me a feeling that we are outsiders. I feel scared many of the times. But with support from people like you, we feel good.



The reaction from the North Indian Politician is not to divide the country but to ensure that no more utterances should come out from MNS chief Raj Thakre in Maharashtra and proper action can be initiated to ensure the safety and security of our own citizens. It is surprising that any one in India can tell anything without giving a single thought that what would be the impact and our law enforcing agencies are bound to take no action simply because the person belong to a political party. There should be a strong action against all those who think our democracy is banana democracy. Country can not be run with only soft hand. You have to be strong and hard to handle such situation. Our home ministry should take firm and strong action so that no other Raj Thakre in future dream about becoming Maharashtra CM without working from the root level instead just divide the state on region basis and can dream of win over. I am sure this time in election Marathi people will take strong action against these people by voting against these people.
We are one and nothing can divide us. We know how to defeat Raj Thakre and there dream.
Jai Hind !!

Santosh Kumar Pandey