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Lots of talk about what Raj-Bal duo did, What Nitish government is doing. I read some comment that a police was taking tea and asking vegetable vendor to pay rs 1 for that. Curiously I was trying to read a single line where some one has come forward and has done something in the process of development of Bihar.

Sir, I am a software engineer working in Pune. It really hurts a lot when some one speaks against Bihar and we see in news on TV channels. Sometimes media unnecessarily exaggerate the things but I would not blame media because they are doing mere business and in this professional world it is not unexpected. When I see that news, personally I never took it as unwarranted remark, most of the time it helps me to think more and more about my state (Bihar)   and do something for Bihar.

It’s not merely talk; I’ve done something that I would like to share at this forum so that it can inspire others to think towards development of Bihar.

I belong from a farmer family of small village (Bharkhar, po- mohania) of Bhabua (Kamoor) district. Approx one and half year back I invested approx Rs.2 lakh in my village town and started a dairy business, not in big way, just I bought 5-6 cows and started selling milk to dairy firms. In just one and half year, can you imagine every house hold of my village has started this business? Purpose of starting the dairy business in my village was not for me to making money, 10-15 thousand a month is hardly matters to me but I did this on experimental basis that once I will start others will follow this.

I was at my village in this Holi, and I found that there is a great scope for vegetable production, though no one from my village is doing this. Now I am planning to start the vegetable production and I am more than 100% sure that it will be the source of big buck for my villagers and others will follow this sooner or later.

The message I want to convey that, we all are well educated, staying in big cities, so can think a bit better of creating opportunity. I know once you create a small opportunity in Bihar, people will make it big. Believe me; they are hungrier to grow than any other state’s people. It will also reduce the dependency on government of peoples for every thing. Just we have to show them a small step; they will create their own resources.

I don’t have any doubt that government is doing well in Bihar. I am 30 year old and first time in my life, I am experiencing that government also does something for state (at least in Bihar). It’s visible. I don’t want to go in isolated cases like police wala is taking tea from stall n all.

So please come forward and make your contribution in making Bihar rather than always accusing government and politicians. We are responsible for our destiny so its our responsibility to rewrite our destiny.



I gone through this news and i would like to appreciate people from Bihar who contribute their homeland on their ways. As far myself is concern i am Goan and staying in Goa for last 25 year . But whenever i visit Bihar(it is my native place)  i really fill pain over the present condition. I have no doubt that we have well talented brain compare to other state. we producing more IIT and IAS officer this is good news and we must proud of it.

If u will see Bihar we can find many loophole and we can point many failure but when i visited bihar last time i realise that now the mindset and thinking of people is also changing. Now people who is lack enthuastic about girls education is keen to provide education to Girls. If we change mindset and go for progressive thinking i am confident we can create Bihar for which world will be proud off.

Rajesh Ji you have done great things and wishing that you will do better

Manoranjan Singh
Junior Engineer


I am very much pleased to read the article of Mr Rajesh, a wonderful deed , I consider it as a silver  lining among the dark clouds. People like Mr Rrajesh should come forward and do something good for the development of the state. We should stop looking at the government and politicians(they have their own vested interest  behind every suffering) ,if we as biharis are unable to solve our porblems we are part of the propblem,this fact we can not deny! I  still remember the days,about ten years ago,when I wanted to invest in the state capital Patna ,with a mega project of a mulitidicipilanry hospital,financed by Bihari NRIS, the then state administration made us shuttle between goverment offices,just for the sake of   licence! citing the example of Mr Rajesh, I should not have abandoned the project, well done Mr Rajesh,I wish and pray that like minded people(Biharis arround the globe) should change their attitude  and contribute in the development of the state at large.

Dr Anwer Ahsan
Dept of Ped Surgery,MCH
Dammam, Saudi arabia


it is very encouraging ... it should be followed by all biharis residing in other states and big town. unless a developed bihar india never be a development country....... we must try to stop bihari talent in bihar for the development of bihar ... it is our responsibility to use the talent of bihari for BIHAR.
Chandan Jha,


Your small step speaks of the big picture you have in your mind and I fully agree with your concern…….I am ready to walk along with you…..lets get in touch….