Pace of Development

Sanjay K.Sinha


I agree that Bihar under Nitish govt. could not make news on development as expected. But we also need to realise that the infrastructure development take time especially in state like Bihar which has always witnessed lot of local Dada's involved in creating hinderances in the infrastructure development. The hinderances are still there, but definitely it has reduced. I do agree that Nitish must think of speeding up the work of road infrastructure as well as other infrastructure development. I have my own house in Ashiana Nagar in Patna. The road which lead to Ashiana Nagar from Bailey road is under construction for the last six months. When I visited Patna during Christmas, the work was going on full swing, but to my surprise the work was stopped when I visited in the March 2008. The raod repairing/widening work is still not complete. Nobody knows why the work has been stopped.
These are certain areas where our CM / DyCM / concerned minister need to put more attention. If the work is not completed in a stipulated time the concerned authority is answerable for that and govt. should immediately take action against the responsible person. Whereever the road construction work does not get completed before rainy season this year, we can imagine the scenario of our state capital. Then media will cover and whole world will watch and get a bad impression about the whole state.


I am very much happy to see your comment on the issue of development of Bihar.

i am born and brought up in village in lower middle class and also struggle too much in my life, but due to hard work and bleesing by my relativeand god , currently i am working in good company as a software engineer.

I will give some suggestion to BIhar people and government:

1.Please don't critisize to government and politician everytime instead we have to do your best related to education, honesty and help to your neighbour and your relative.

2. Everyone to take the initiative to do some thing good for aspiration for another.

3.I am suggesting to government is that if you will give three thing surety to your people, they will surely improve education, financially and socially.

a. First you have to provide good communication like transport system (road up to all village )

b.You have to provide electricity to every village

c.You have to provide basic education in every village(should every village have school with building and good teacher)

d.You have to maintain law and order very tight because police department and politician is more more more corrupt.

Rest of thing, people will do by self.

Pramod Singh

I am totally agree with dear Sanjay and would like to add further as hereunder:

1.  Development is a lengthy process and it takes time to see while the present Nitish government has started initiative, but fruit can be seen only after some time.

2. It is needless to say that Nitishjee started from "scratch", if I correctly re-call, as during RJD's 15 year longest rule, the development process had come to an standstill.
3. Take a example, various Engineering Colleges were declared like sick unit and RJD government instead of opening new institution, they ordered closure of Engineering Colleges including one in Gaya, which is now being facelifted and AICTE has granted approval to re-start various Engineering courses.
4. Bihar State cannot be a developed state until people from all walks of life are very well educated.  Therefore, I would urge Nitishjee to first concentrate on "Sarv Siksha Abhiyaan" in order to eliminate illiteracy amongst people.
5. Secondly, Bihar State is suffering from flood which comes every year like a festival in the State and washed away everything which comes on her way. Hence, Nitishjee should concentrate and take concrete step towards minimising losses during Flood situation, by way of connecting various rivers.  I believe State Government is currently working on this particular matter.
6. Thirdly, the key for development is "Law & Order".  Though, no doubt, law & order of Bihar State has improved, but still various criminal elements are still active which is, in my view, a big challenge. The Govt. of Bihar should eliminate "Goondagardi" if they really wants to see development from public eyes.
7.  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): The state cannot attract a single rupee or dollar as FDI, during to poor law & order situation, typical development process. They should firmly work on this aspect and practically make possible for a investor friendly system i.e. Single Window System.
Now, let me start the work. I will comment further in due course.
Mohammad Yasar Imran
Muscat, Oman