Reshuffle in Bihar  




My honest feedback in the recent reshuffle points out very clearly that Nitish Kumar is suffering from peer pressure.

He is afraid of the leaders like Nand Kishore Yadav.Chandra Mohan Rai, Ashwani Chubey and people like them who may claim to to be a mass leader. In his own party no body can challenge him,but if you see BJP there are so many names who can lead the Big Show that Nitish ji don't want to. What is the difference between him & Laloo.Just divide and rule? If you fly I'll cut the feather

What is the development in Bihar? Kidnapping,Dacoity,Mass killing ,Ransom, are these really stopped or the reshuffle would help to stop? Now one strange thing is happening people are taking law in their hands…is Mr Kumar aware of that if yes than what is he doing?

Is Bihar changing or the Leaders ruling Bihar are changing?

I think there is no Power transfer only is Puppet transfer…

I mean how come you think to change the Ministers who are performing and acclaimed in public. If you are honest you can't.

God bless you Nitish jee




True speaking , Bihar BJP never tried to stand alone . Rumors suggest that Even in Lalu - Rabri raaj many of its leaders were having mid nights meetings - It may be wrong but in year 2000 assembly election BJP had have much weak candidates resulted a 7 days BJP-JD(u) government .

For many anti Lalu leaders Nitish is never accpeted vice versa . They find better positions and place in Paswan party which was clearly seen in February 2005 election in which strong wave in favour of Paswan Party stopped Nitish Kumar to became CM , Later on Some engineering were done and many legislatures joined JD-U and Nitish Kumar installed himself as Chief Minister .
Early days were cool and Nitish was first and last Hope for all bihari but slowly demands from his own group started increasing the same status what a few caste / group were having in Lalu raaj . Nitish liked this approach which became a harakiri for himself , sitting in 1, anne marg It was not visible at all for him .
Just to damage control and make him more powerfull he did a reshuffle and most powerfull persons like DGP and Patna SSP were removed so scapegoat was Abhayanand . While this government can not deny the role of Abhayanand brain childs like Speedy Trials / Special Auxiliary Police etc .
To have more democracy - Nitish must learn that CABINET is most powerfull not Cabinet secretary . Elected representatives hold power not the civil servants . No doubt for better vision and development you may need smart and honest officers but many officers have a habit of last 15 years of Lalu Raaj .
Any way - we can just say - Good Luck BJP and JD(U)

Ranjan Kumar