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  as a citizen of india, we are all proud of the achievement by bindra. i also support felicitating mr. bindra by respective governments. however, i fail to understand, what right has mr. nitish kumar as chief minister to distribute tax-payers money as reward to mr. bindra. even in 21st century the way politicians distribute money for any cause, reminds us of kings that used to dole out handouts. mr. kumar the money is not yours. the money belongs to the people. government does not create any money. it only manages it. so, please change your mentality and start behaving like an employee of the people, who are your employers. if people revolt and not pay taxes, your job will be the first in the line of fire.

mr. bindra's achievement is unique and the market forces are going to definitely reward him handsomely (through endorsements etc.). mr. bindra's training was funded entirely through his own and market efforts, and i congratulate him on that. now, all the ministers and government officials are coming ahead and trying to show that they are somehow responsible for mr. bindra's success is simply disgusting. i would simply bring this fact....name one sports where government is involment and india has seen any success. any sports in which goverment has invested has failed, name it hockey, athletics etc. and same will be the fate of kankarbagh stadium and facilities. any sport where we excel, namely cricket, shooting for now, tennis....are all funded by private bodies. so i would request the government to simply create an environment for investment and let the private bodies come and invest in it. it about time, that we as citizens start questioning the real motives of our employees and behave like employers. remember, whenever your government announces a free money scheme, it is taking from you and me to give it to x, y, or z (most likely for some cheap publicity). this process is not sustainable as sooner or later the government will go bankrupt. that is, there is no such thing as free money.   

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rs. 5 lac was enough to reward mr. bindra if the idea was to promote sports and get a status that bihar is not behind in any such support.  financial support is being given only to those who have enough money (mr.bindra is owner of 1000 crores) but the needy poor man is ignored in this country. balance rs. 6 lacs would have been spent for the promotion of sports in bihar in the name of mr. bindra.
any way, mr. bindra's achievement is unique  and reward for him by our chef minister is a nice decision.

how much can you get paid to write reviews on amazon

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how much can you get paid to write reviews on amazon

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