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can you get paid for leaving amazon reviewswo weeks ago, mr. amitabh bachchan an icon of indian cinema was participating in a function organized by the grandson of mr. bal thakeray (a former marathi fire-cracker) and saying that whenever i visited “matoshree” (bal thakeray residence) i felt like in my home. ten days ago amitabh went to daulatpur, barabanki in uttar pradesh and inaugurated a girls inter college. mr. raj thakeray (a neo marathi fire-cracker) who is fighting for his supremacy amongst marathi ‘manus’ via thakeray clan politics got chance to seize the political opportunity initiated by bal thakeray’s shiv sena to consolidate marathi votes by bashing amitabh bachchan followed by beating poor north indians while considering amitabh bachchan a ‘bhaiya’ of uttar pradesh. to divert attention a little, he mimicked lalu yadav, ridiculed chhath festival and talked about the creation of ‘maharashtra railways’.
there is no doubt that this political bomb has been switched on through raj thakeray by some political parties including maharshtra navnirman sena (mns)  who do not want to see north indian (bihar/up) to become sympathetic towards bal thakeray via amitabh bachchan route. who are the real culprits, raj thakeray or raj thakeray with someone else???  a decade ago, it was dilip kumar and sunil dutt from film fraternity who earned the ire of these insurrectionists. days are not far off, when shahrukh khan or amir khan will meet the same fate, if they fail to make film like “chak de maharashtra” or “ek rashtra ke andar maharashtra”.
is there anyone in mumbai to sing again “ae mere watan (india) ke logon, jara aankh mein bhar lo paani, jo shaheed hue hain unki jara yaad karo qurbaani……”  lata mangeshkar, sunil gavaskar, sachin tendulkar, sharad pawar, pratibha patil, ranjeet deshmukh, alec padamshi, rajdeep sardesai….. or shall we allow raj thakeray’s maoist version of this song to be sung by us (biharis/bhaiyas) on the street of mumbai and maharashtra??
the growing pursuit of maoism in the form of maharashtra regionalism is a pre-planned conspiracy. raj thakeray is another paresh barua, who is out to burn the western region of india. before it acquires another shape, central government of india must act swiftly to counter this urban/metropolis insurgency and their leaders must be dealt with severity and booked under national security act.  
please note that adolf hitler of nazi party (1922) ‘too’ took 16 years to ignite hatred into flame and then celebrated “the night of broken glass” while targeting other communities in his strong hold. mark my word. what was shown on zee tv usa and cnn-ibn live web was no different than what the extremists are pursuing in the country side of chhattisgarh, jharkhand, andhra pradesh and bihar. i may be exaggerating, but this is one of the most shameful acts in the history of india. i am compelled to conclude that bihar and uttar pradesh remained poor because they always felt proud to be called indian, but they were always laughed and ridiculed as ‘biharis’ and ‘bhaiyas’ in mumbai and else where. as a biharis i can proudly say, no bihari and up political leaders ever aspire to raise regional bogey of fanaticism. even today, such alacrity will not inspire anyone to cry for bihar only, because we belong to land of budhha and ashoka and, our life sparkles with jai bharat, what shri lalu pd yadav and shri nitish kumar have advised to raj thakeray and his marathi manus as well as to paresh barua and his fellow assamese.
living in this information age, it is high time for leaders like prakash karat, lk advani, sonia gandhi and man mohan singh cutting across the party line must put up a united fight against ‘hitler-ization’ of indian politics at any corners of india to save india from simmering ‘regionalism’ before it touches threshold in coming years. whatever the repercussions be, central government must arrest raj thakeray under national security act at this moment so that no other raj thakerays could ever be carved out in any indian states in future. time demands visionary political leadership to keep the map of india intact not only in the geography book but in the heart of the people of all states and union territories. let the poweful leaderships revolutionize mind through positive action or use.
‘bharat mata’ is begging the same from their current political drivers before she starts losing her hands.




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