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BITS, Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology and Science) is a world renowned Institution for Engineering and Sciences equal to IITs. Recently, BITS has started campuses at Goa and Hyderabad. These campuses are ultra-modern and catering to the needs of the regions they are located in.

The Govt. of Bihar led by the Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar jee, and Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Modi jee should please contact the owners / Managing Trustees of BITS Pilani to open Patna campus of BITS. In support, the Bihar Govt. should give atleast 50 acres of land (more if possible)in or around Patna for establishing the infrastructure of the Institution. The people of Bihar sincerley appreciate the efforts put by Shri Nitish Kumar jee in establishing BIT Mesra campus at Patna.  Please establish the BITS Campus at Patna which will greatly enhance the credibility of Patna as the Emerging Knowledge City in the Eastern India at the same time prevent the exodus of brilliant Bihari students to other parts of the country for search of better education.
Sr. Scientist



There is no point in blindly establishing Educational institution for higher education Instead we should focus on Primary & secondary school system. Primary education system in Bihar is worst in country. They have not been modernized; they follow the age old system and unnecessarily put the future of Bihar on back foot.  Secondly Bihar is most number of uneducated children, which leaves them venerable. They are easily lure by anti social elements leading to law & order problem and unrest in society. Third is child labor statistic issue, most of the child labors are from Bihar hence sending negative feedback to society.   

Higher Education institution in Bihar will not improve the condition in fact they worsen the condition as it will stop movement of students from Bihar to other part of country and world stopping people to understand the meaning of development.  Other factors are in case Higher education changes the system they Why Kanpur, Trichi, Warangal Surtakhal are not in India’s success story.  

In my opinion we should encourage private institution to take up primary education in Bihar and in return they should get longer term tax benfit.  

Rakesh Ranjan

Project Manager


To establish an extension centre of BIT Mesra was an initiative of Rabri Devi Cabinet member and Science & technology minister and REC Trichy product engineer turned congress politician Sri Vishwa Mohan  Sharma , To provide all facility including finance back up was passed through cabinet but delay was from BIT Mesta management which became fast with JD(U) - BJP government .

But such institutes cater only peanuts of demands while 50 % seats supposed to be reserved for BIHAR . Now License raaj is being eliminated and progressive politicians need to approached big business houses rather than waiting for thier proposals .
There are many south indian educational trusts who are willing to cater the Bihar technical education market ! Just wait till 2009 Lok Sabha election in which NDA victory can bring more faith in present NDA government in Bihar .
Ranjan Kumar