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it is irony to note that  dalit muslims  in bihar are protesting  the decision of upper caste(mallick) as backward.

i , the undersigned a native of  nalanda district ,personally feel that it was  a  historic decision of the present government of mr. nitish kumar. the historic  decision which the congress (so called massiah of  muslims) and others  could not take  since  independence , nitish  took  it in a few months in office as cm,   i  salute to his  vision and  all those who put  their  efforts  in making  the dream  true  for  one of the most  down trodden community of the muslims  from bihar!  some may say that nitish  adopted  the policy of divide and rule , i strongly object to such notion, the fact is that   nitish  gave due right to the concerned among  minority  community   from  bihar . mallicks are  about  above a million in population,  confined mostly to gaya, nalanda, jahanbad, monghyr,  patna and bhagalpur districts

instead of appreciating   such revolutionary  step , few   dalit  muslims  on the behest of so called higher caste,  took the matter to the streets.

let me give facts   and figures to  the readers of  your  esteemed journal. central list of the ba ckwards classes can you get paid for reviewing products,  as  forward caste, rest  all other caste  among  muslims  have been labelled as backwards among muslims,  various categories of caste and subcaste  have been described   , the number varies form state to state.  delhi , andhra, kerala, karnataka,  uttar pradesh  are among  the states having highest  number of  back ward castes,  mallicks  are on number 23, 51, in up and delhi list,  in the neighboring  up list, all castes  are linked with traditional hereditary  occupations  except those   entered  with  specific  mention of  names of religion, are included , irrespective  of  whether their  members  follow hinduism, islam   or any other religion, that is why  mallicks  names are  found, in muslims, bengalis, and punjabi too.

the learned  commission  on whose  recommendation  nitish  government took such  historic decision, made extensive survey and study  of  mallick's  population of bihar  of various  districts and in conclusion maliikcs  were inducted to the backward list.   

considering  the  religious  point of view , there should  be no upper  caste  or lower caste among muslims,  all are equal , there is no superiority  of white over black or black over white, if  indian muslims are  ready to accept  islamic point of view then  all muslims  should be categorized as forward  or as backward,  why few among them  should be labeled as forward or backward?

mallicks in bihar are so confined to their  own caste that  no one marries in their  caste and vice versa, and this has made them  suffer a lot. their   only  source of  income was cultivation, some  have got education and  rarely any one gets any government job, which can be counted less than 0.2% of their population state wise. the beauty of this caste is that  none among them can be found as beggars, they can do any menial  job, but they don’t beg  like sayeds (the so called higher caste). mallicks   had been found to be very brave and warriors  in the past and  they lived  united.

in every caste  among indians  few  have progressed  in their life  and become public figure, it does not mean  that whole caste  can be categorized as  forward,  mayawati.lalu  yadav , rambilas paswan , are few examples ,  unfortunately  none  among  mallicks of bihar could reach to any extent   of self sufficiency, they are most  illiterate and economically backward  too.

those  who feel   that   their  move to the court against the decision will  bring any result are in fools paradise ,  will face the counter  case soon.  can you get paid for reviewing products

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dept of pediatric  surgery, mch,

dammam, saudi arabia

email:  ahsan_drpedsurg@hotmail.com



i am fully agree with dr. ahsan view regarding the status of mallick as backward due to following reason.
1) mallick maximum population are indulged in transport business & their average economical condition are very bad. they are also backward on education front. maximum dropout can be observed after matriculation/ intermediate. they normally  after tenth/intermediate, try to earn the bread & butter for his family either joining the transport business or   going abroad (specially gulf) as unskilled labour.
2) mallick  has been included in  annexure ii,(other obc) whereas  all other muslim  (like ansari,rayeen) are listed in annexure i .
but if he & his organization really care about the can you get paid for reviewing products he should put his effort to include them in schedule cast. we will definitely extend our full support in their effort.
 3) if you will compare with other muslim backward caste you will find very less in government job . if i have correct information currently  only one ias(direct) officer belongs to the community.
4)  furthermore, there is no political representative of mallick community (even mla/mlc/mp)
 i hope this will give clear picture to our pasmanda muslim brother & humble request to daud rayeen, he   should not   use this issue as a ladder for his personal political ambition.