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i belong form  aungari  village , nalanda district , bihar .

recently i visited  my  village . i heard ,rly  reservation  can  be done form  ekangersarai railway station , which  is  nearest  from village .

it made  me  very happy to know  this good news.

i tried two days( 16th june2008   &  17th june 2008)   to get  the reservation done  form  rly  reservation counter  .i could not do because  there was  no one between 0900 to 1100 hrs .

on 18th june 2008 when i went  to  the ekangersarai rly  reservation booking counter .

 i was shocked to see...one portable generator was on, and electrical cables are extended  in side  the room and booking counter was  closed . there was no attendent for the  booking  window  nor  of  the  generator set  which is  in “on condition”  morning 0900 to 1100 hrs .

 i was  just  waiting, for   some one  to come  over there so that  i may buy   the ticket .

at  11 15  hrs one gentleman came  and  he  gave  me ticket which was on waiting list .

there was  no  option for me hence, i  purchased the ticket, for me my two daughters , and my wife( my wife is knee replaced patient), the ticket was not confirmed, we travelled  in corridors thought the night  till delhi.

it   would have been not  happened  if  “on duty personal” performed  the duty properly .

if they come and  open the ”reservation  counter”  in time , it can help so many  passengers  like  me .

mr nitesh kumar  is  doing very well , but  why we  bihari’s   are  not  supporting him .

whether our blood  are  so  frizzed, we cant  perform our duties , for which we are  paid ….?  

i request ,please  come together and make our  state better .

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