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see the two news article

while cnn ibn tried to explain reasons like
"we have always striven to raise the bar of journalism, to ensure that the highest standards and procedures are followed at all times. why have we not telecast the story so far? quite simply, we have chosen not to telecast the story yet because we did not feel that the story was complete. credible journalism is based on accuracy not speed, facts not sensationalism, reportage not allegations and assumptions. our rigorous editorial protocol demands that even a hidden camera shoot is absolutely water-tight. in this particular story, there were many loose ends that needed to be cross-checked, corroborated and investigated further before the story could be aired." in their article.
i wish even 10% of this should have been followed in case of reporting against the previous article becasue one person from the village of that girl did a thorough investiagtion and posted this on bihar times earlier http://www.bihartimes.com/mainpage/vv59.html
is this not double standard??
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no story is ever complete, rajdeep-bhai!view comments(6)


it's not against bihar i guess it's against nda.. if upa comes to power in bihar you will see this kind of dubious character who work for  certain govt machinery in name of independent journalism  adopting same garbage law even while reporting incidents from bihar.
i guess padm-shri award has its cost.
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why to blame media houses or its leader like rajdeep / arun purie or pranav roy ? why don't we accuse our own men sitting in patna for such media houses and playing all dirty tricks using bihar local politics .

last year i was at the place of a patna based dig and i find one senior journalist and this dig was dictating what he has to write in tomorrow newspaper . in return, this journalist may use dig connection to solve his own personal problems .

everyone in bihar knows how a patna based media person working for national channel used to keep many officers in his pocket and playing all dirty tricks . no doubt this person has lost credibility as a journalist after the anant singh episode but still such people are surviving on the name of caste and creed .



could we see the face of one named rajdeep sardesai in rajya sabha very soon?.. or, could it be like amar singh ke haanth wakai lambe hain... longer even the peppered head of rajdeep...
lets face it and in the name of staright journalism and true spirit of the profession telecast, the footage and leave it to the people of the country to decide....i'm sure it would not trigger any communal violence in any part of our mera bharat mahan...when media starts hiding, contorting and reading between the lines, its journalism which becomes a casualty..
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