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I have keenly followed the  news of great successes of son and daughters of Bihar who have brought glory to our State. I salute the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar Jee for honouring Shitikanth for topping the IIT-JEE - 2008.

But the greatest celebration for the down trodden and deprived people of Bihar is the "Super Success of Super - 30". We salute the spirit of great social service rendered by  Prof. Anand Kumar and Prof. Abhayanand - the real Great Gurus of present day Bihar, who have selected 30 most poor boys from deprived communities and made them heros by virtue of 100 %  selection in IIT - JEE - 2008. In fact, they can only be compared with the great Guru Chanakya, who discovered Chandragupta from the dust and made him the Emperor of India.

The yeomen services rendered by Shri Anand Kumar and Shri Abhayanand should be celebrated by the people of Bihar with all fan fare and without any heart burn. They should be honoured with "BIHAR GAURAV SAMMAN" and much more.

I solemnly request the Hon'ble Chief Minister and Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar to recommend their names to the Central Government for the Award of "Padma Vibhushan" for their heroics in social service.

As a token of appreciation, their Super Gurukul - the thatched hut which is working as a gold mine of talents, should be donated a piece of 5 acres of land and pucca infrastructure, which we all Biharis should see and take pride of.

Sr. Scientist



I agree with the comments and idea that Bihar State government should recommend the names of Prof. Anand Kumar and Prof. Abhay Anand (IPS) and ADG to Central Government for "Bihar Gaurav Samman" Award.
The success of "Super 30" is in very much in talk in Muscat, Oman where my friends/colleagues from Karnataka were eager to know who are Abhay Anand & Anand and in turn I explained about the Master in Physics and Master in Mathematics and head of Ramanujan School of Mathematics. Here everybody is impressed by the splendid work done by these duo for the poor students of Bihar.  Certainly, Bihar is transforming and many development works are taking place. I request Shri Nitish Kumar to kindly recognise the success of "Super 30" and wholeheartedly appreciate the work done by Shri Abhay Anand and Anand Kumar by way of official function to recognise their services to the educationally, economically, socially deprived people. 
Mohammad Yasar Imran
Muscat, Oman


A very positive article on "Super Success of Super 30 " . We all must thanks this brilliant IDEA of Sri Abhay Anand , IPS and Sri Anand Kumar . It takes 5-6 years to get this 100 % score . Present Bihar is having many Vibhuti like Acharya Kishore Kunal ex- IPS  , Raj Kumar Singh IAS , K K Pathak IAS and many more but such performing people are rarely given free hand by 'Power Sycophants' which hurts the common intrest of common people .
" No Politics , Please ! " is most powerfull sentence to revive Bihar , I hope present leaders from Bihar will understand the complete meaning of governing a state and taking care of all stakeholders ! 
Sri Abhay Anand , IPS is not only an excellent  educator but also a brilliant brain from Bihar Police . All his initiatives like Speedy trials etc were a big hit in Bihar law & order . Recently , He along with Anand Kumar was nominated for Indian of the year award by a news channel and one leading university honoured Sri Abhay Anand for his contribution in policing and education . And many more feathers in his cap .

Ranjan Kumar>