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Joining the recommendation of  Dr. R.P. Raman I fully support that Anand Kumar and Abhyanand should be given prestigious awards of Bihar for their marvelous services given to socially and economically backward community of Bihar.

Abhyanad's recent plan to include Muslims from Minority community to crack IIT entrance is an another example of his educational services to the humanity of Bihar. It is very good news indeed. It shows that Abhyanad has great plan in his mind and has earmarked his life for the service of humanity. If a few from our Bihar come forward with the same spirit Bihar will soon become a hub of Technology and a pool of technocrats not at the level of India or Asia but also at the world level. We, Biharis, regardless of cast and creed salute him for his marvelous plan. Let us give a big hand to Anand and Abhyanand to get IITs known as Biharis and Biharis as IITs.

I would like to suggest that in order to support poor IIT aspirants, a Bihari NRI IIT coaching centre should be run in Patna and the money collected from such centre should be spent on poor IIT aspirants coaching, lodging and foods, etc. I think all NRIs will support such plan as they will be pleased to pay extra as decided in the form of NRI IIT Coaching fee. That is to say a NRI Parent will sponsor his child and one poor IIT aspirant (1+1), as if, he has two children for IIT coaching. Similar to Rahmaniya Foundation, Munger, “Bihar and Jharkand Anjuman” which have activities abroad can be pleased to give full support to them on such plan.

I also suggest that this services should be further extended at District levels in Bihar to be knows as “ Super 10 “ under the line-management of IAS and IPS of that district.



Abhyanand and Anand Kumar are doing tremendous service not just to the people of Bihar but to the nation also. Such initiatives are very courageous and a lot of support should come from every strata of the society. But its pity that there are very few people in the state now to support such causes. Even people like me are also out of the state. We can just talk and do nothing. We will just hope that things will automatically turn out to be good in our state so that we’ll not have to dirty our hands.

With this, I salute the efforts of Super 30 and its mentors/creators. God help you…



Good to know that people like Anand Kumar and Abhyanand feel for socially and economically backward class of society. I am not much concerned if they are from Bihar or some other part of nation but what I am really concerned is if the philosophy of philanthropy gets passed to the very students who are able to make it to the IITs inspite of insufficient means and they in their turn establish atleast three Super 30s if not thirty. But this does not takes away the credit Anand Kumar and Abhayanand deserve for their self less service to the society of Bihar and in turn to the whole man kind. Hats off to them!!
Pavan Kumar Sharma