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remarks of bal- raj thackeray



i completely disagree with "thackeray" (raj and bal) comments. they are not less than pakistani terrorist, they should be hanged for making anti national remarks.  there is no doubt that history of bihar is rich and to be proud of. i still feel proud to be called india and then a bihari.

but yes, i must agree with some of bal thackeray comments on bihari politicians. it's the politicians of bihar who are responsible for this situation of biharis today. 1st congress exploited the state for its selfishness after that whatever was remaining is done by lalu prasad. now nitish ji govt have nothing to exploit. i must also agree that we people of bihar are equally responsible for this situation.

we elected and then reelected the govt which never worked for the development of the state and its people in-spite bihar being rich in all natural resources, talented and hard working people.

it's high time for all biharis to come together under one umbrella (forget the caste/religion/creed/color)and work for the betterment of the state rather than blaming someone. if bihari's get employment in their own state there is no need for them to migrate to mumbai or elsewhere.

laluji, instead of sending more biharis to mumbai think about how you can retain india's most talented, hard working work force and use them for the development of the state. if you send more bihari's to mumbai it's not you who is going to suffer it's the common man that suffers. first and foremost thing we need to do is improve the education level and create jobs for unemployed. nitishji, laluji and paswanji should come together and do some constructive work for the state and teh country. they have the ability to do that but using their ability in negative sense. we bihari nri's are more interested in helping out in all possible way we can for our brother and sisters but trusting politicians of bihar is a very difficult task.

if the politics of bihar assure of a clean, developed bihar for our future generation we are ready to input all our talent and money for the betterment of the state.

jai hind

ajay kumar patel


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