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with due condolences to the family members of the deceased and those who have lost their homes and livelihood, i think the nature has provided an opportunity to the government and the people to plan and build a new bihar. it has been apparent that the areas lag development of any kind in terms of infrastructure, sanitation, land reforms or social structure. with a proper public private partnership and the support of affluent citizen , we can rebuild bihar. we have seen massive developments post natural calamites in katch (gujarat) and latur(maharatra). why can’t we replicate the same in bihar. the citizen of india has always supported people in any part of country during hard times and i am sure they will be behind this time too. what is required is the strong will power and the desire to achieve. i believe this a big challenge to nitish government who has always boasted of better governance. here’s the opportunity and we all wish you can live up to your words.

temu reviews better business bureau

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