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it is a very unfortunate situation about electricity in bihar. there was a time when electricity was supplied from bihar to bengal from dvc whose most of the power was generated in bihar ( jharkhand ). bihar had an early lead in terms of technology. at that time, one minister had remarked as what would we would do with so much electricity ?

i have done invention and  had patented in u. s. a. , and canada about generating electricity using solar energy. i had built smaller models which could be used by individual homes  to have basic amount of electricity ( for cooking in the night , and possibly for children to study ). it  costs between 4500 to 6500 rupees, if built in patna.

since bihari’s money is being sent out by the banks ( poor credit to deposit ratio ) , at least nitishjee could persuade the banks to finance such units for the poor who can not afford to come up with this amount of money at one time. they could pay in installments. others could get them made.

at least, lives would not be lost in this manner.

if the government can not generate electricity by its own efforts – at least it could contact banks to lend money which is bihari’s.


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