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I will try to clarify that when you say "tongue" you are referring to the use of the word in this article. Tongue lips and teeth are both a different thing.


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can sign up to receive Prime Video in multiple countries including Australia, Mexico coronavirus has a country, and the virus for that the virus and that's response will

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«Люди по всему миру по-разному относятся к предрассудкам». :: Маск: в настоящее время платформа Faux Saints не предусматривает возможности определения пола по фотографии.

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except for scattered brains, people know that the electricity can not be produced without power plants; and to install power plants  requires strategy and substantial capital investment. in spite of fiscal and technological constraints what was not possible during two decades of laloo- rabri regime,  the present administration is striving to achieve it in two years. they deserve congratulations, not frivolous criticism.    
mr. yadaw! it is disingenuous and incoherent to blame the present administration  for your  neglect and mismanagement.  sir, you gave bihar many things, such as, you gave us charwaha vidyalayas, a criminal empire and a corrupt administration; but, you can not claim that you gave bihar power generating capacity.you were satisfied that your bungalow got the electricity.  who else suffered was not your concern.
do what you are doing in the central government. scare the hell out of dr. man mohan singh. tell him that he will loose the position of the prime minister without your support. cajole the upa to keep your prominence.  but, please do not meddle in the smooth working of bihar. you had your opportunity but you squandered it. let nitish kumar do his work. he is trying to serve the masses diligently and honestly. voice your concern as a responsible politician, not like a demagogue. you could have done more than any of the previous chief ministers because you really had the overwhelming mandate of the people.  perhaps the power intoxicated you and the goddess of corruption overwhelmed you. instead of the progress of bihar, you chose dereliction of duty as the hallmark of your administration. if you really care for bihar, even if you do not wish to help solve problems facing the state, please do not use your power to ignite the flame of division and resentment.





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