Greetings from Guyana, South America  


I write to you fm Guyana,South America (formerly British Guiana) a country of which a substantial portion of our population is of Bihari extraction (Indians form 51% of the total population).With my great grandparents coming to British Guiana in Nov.1886 fm Munger (Monghyr).My family also has roots in Gorakpur and Chapra fm my Great Grandmothers side.
It is of extreme interest to read your article relating to the Mauritius Prime Minister Navin Chandra Ramgoolam.I believe our current  President Bharrat Jagdeo and past President Cheddi Jagan also paid visits to your state and country under similiar circumstances.
There presently exists in our country a desire to rekindle bonds with our ancestral birthplace especially after taking into consideration the sad and heart wrenching circumstances under which our foreparents departed from the motherland. We came the furthest on a voyage that lasted over three months and many died without having the chance to ever meet their relatives in India again.
With the advent of the internet, our generation is finding it easier to reach out and receive information about Bihar and also about others who left India under similiar circumstances thanks to forums such as yours.
Having said that I would love to hear fm anyone out of Munger who maybe able to and willing to pass on whatever info they can about the birthplace of my forefathers and especially to advise me about getting there from Patna or Calcutta.
Surendra N. Ramsaroop




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