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A Letter From Bihar to Mrs Sonia Gandhi


Dear Mrs Sonia Gandhi

Hope that this letter finds you in the best of health and wealth.

To introduce myself, I am an AAM ADMI from Bihar, and your party manifesto promises to take care of us. I do not reside in the state anymore as my family believes that Bihar is not safe enough to live or work in and it is a criminal centric state.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the entire population of AAM ADMI from the state of Bihar for making us realize that Congress (I) is no different from any other Local Political Parties in the state, be it RJD or LJP. I, the AAM ADMI had become really hopeful when the Congress – RJD Alliance broke and was expecting to witness some historical changes during the LOK SABHA ELECTIONS of 2009. I, the AAM ADMI, was hopeful that Congress (I) would catalyze the long awaited positive changes that we have been waiting for since the past 16 – 18 years. I, the AAM ADMI was determined to vote for the Congress (I) because the party usually does not field Misfit Candidates. The List of Probable Candidates in Bihar Congress boasted of People with awesome reputation , neat and clean image and commendable backgrounds.

I, the AAM ADMI was highly impressed by the movement started by Mr. Rahul Gandhi that encourages youth to join politics and lead India (Bihar) towards a better future. A few Elite men and women from my fraternity of AAM ADMI (and that includes me) were planning to join the organization and contribute towards the development in the state of Bihar.

Fortunately / Unfortunately I, the AAM ADMI was woken up from my dreams with a jolt when I saw the following news flashing everywhere:
1.       Congress (I) fields Sadhu Yadav from Champaran ….. Well !! He is a Well Known Criminal, Don’t We All know that.
2.       Congress (I) considering the name of Shameem from Balmiki nagar
3.       Congress (I) decides to field Lovely Anand from Sheohar ……………. Isn’t she the much dreaded wife of the much dreaded criminal ANAND MOHAN?
4.       News Reports stating that Turncoats make a beeline for Congress in Bihar while the Traditional Netas of good reputation have been sidelined.
5.       Reputed Leaders like Bina Shahi , Madhurendra Kumar Singh , Sarfaraz Ahmed (Jharkhand), Vishmohan Sharma are still struggling or have already lost their battle over seats to outsiders and criminals.

Once again the hopes of AAM ADMI have been shattered and We are disappointed. I, the AAM ADMI pledge that :
1.       I will not vote for the Congress (I) or any other party  during these elections since only criminals and misfit candidates are contesting from the constituency that I belong to.
2.       I will not join Congress (I) or any other party till the time I witness a positive shift in the strategy for the state of Bihar.

Hope that you have taken note and my letter has motivated you to move your strategy towards Long Term Perspective and not short term gains.

Anticipating your support and cooperation !!!