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Laloo as the Killer of Varun?

By Nawal K. Pandey


“Had I been the Country’s Home Minister, I would have crushed Varun Gandhi under a roller and destroyed him without caring fore consequences for his hate speech against Muslims.”

Mind it: it was not the speech of Hitler or Lenin; it was the speech of Laloo Prasad Yadav, a self-proclaimed protector of the Muslim Community and a demagogue. There is no evidence that he has really done anything to promote the welfare of the Muslim community still he is trying to get their votes by grandstanding. He does have some friends in that community but they are the bad apples of Muslim community like Mr. Sahabuddin of Siwan who is languishing in jail and believes that Laloo deserted him and kept his eyes shut while the police raided his house and arrested him.

Now the question is who Laloo is and what he stands for. I would say that he is an authoritarian populist and a mean minded person. He would do anything to win the election including polarizing the masses. I am sure if his victory depended only on Muslim voters and he thought that he could get their vote by killing Varun Gandhi, he would do it in a second.

In this context, it is also appropriate to analyze Mr. Yadav. Who does not know that he surrounded himself with killers, kidnappers and gangsters. They supported him with blood money and muscle power but=2 0when time came he turned on them. In a way, he was the head of the criminal empire that came into being because of him and flourished under his tutelage. If they killed a person they killed that person on his behalf, if they kidnapped some one for ransom, most of the money went to Laloo; and if they hijacked a car, it was found parked at the residence of the Chief Minister.

Can we expect civility from such a man?

I do not know Varun but I know that he is a human being. To think of killing another human being by any means is megalomania and only deranged mind can think of it. I charge that Laloo Prasad Yadav is a deranged person who has gone insane. When he said that if he were the Home Minister, he would have crushed Varun under the roller, he meant it because insane people has no sense. They commit the crime at whim; and Laloo is one among them.

However, to understand Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, it is necessary to understand his psychology. He was a scoundrel as growing up and troublemaker as the legislature. Luck favored him and he became the King, not only the King of politics but of corruption. He looted the treasury, established a criminal empire and destroyed the State of Bihar. He could have gone to prison but luck favored him again. He collaborated with the UPA to get away from going to jail for a long time.

Tragedy is the democracy allows such people to prevail as long a s the long the arm of law does not catches up with them. However, the time is coming for Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav to pay the price and that price will be too severe for him to bear.

I would like to narrate a personal experience. I went to the Chief Minister's house on the invitation of his private secretary without knowing that he was the fake messiah that enchanted everybody. I attended one of his courtyard gatherings at his residence. It was a revelation. He had summoned a drunken Dome to entertain the gathering. The gathering was full of legislatures and other signatories. The drunken entertainer stood up and began to hurl profanity on the then Prime Minister and the Home Minister of India but his profanity was not limited to only two individuals, he abused and cursed every person of Upper Caste. What was flabbergasting was the behavior of the Chief Minister. He encouraged the drunken to hurl more profanity. That was it for me but I still remember it after over two decades.

May I appeal to the people Bihar? Please remember that Bihar is at the crucial juncture; and your your voice will count a great deal more. How your government will work depends on who do you send to parliament. Do your best to be judicious. However, remember that Laloo is dreaming to be the Prime Minster. If he really becomes the Prime Minister, mark my words that the courtyard of the Prime Minister will become the shelter of criminals. They will operate f rom that premise with impunity and malign our democracy. The loots will, of course, come to the Prime Minister's house and so will corpses. Do not be surprised if you see the corpses of his opponents including the corpse of Varun Gandhi, crushed by a roller, flattened beyond recognition. The voices emanating from the house of Prime Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav will be the voices of corruption, crime and your inability to make the right decision. If you want to hear Laloo Ki Jaya Ho because he killed Varun as he promised during election campaign, go ahead and elect him. If you really want a democratic government you have other choices.




I fully endorse the views expressed in this article. Let us not weaken a decent CM which we have got after ages by electing laloo. Criminal syndicates who ran kidnapping and extortion industry from Cm house should not be given another opportunity.
Even for muslim brothers he has done nothing and will do nothing. keep propping up criminal elements like Shahbuddin as muslim voice thereby humiliating the intellect of even muslims.

In fact one of his minister in RJD rule days was chief accused in Bhagpur riot and he still is in power. If laloo prasad yadav really means what he says then forget about crushing and killign he should have done the bare minimum of not giving ticket to such elments. But knowing laloo winning matters all these nonsense which he spews every now and then are mere tricks.

Hope people of Bihar do not get fooled by this scrime sundicate chief.