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Media and Politicians! Fight against Caste and Communal Forces

I.R. Sharma


I get a shock when established and reputed media persons talk about caste knowingly about the menace it has created in India, may be a little more in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, but equally significantly even in Southern states.

I got amazed to see a special reporting on NDTV on April 6- ‘The Yadav Factor’ linking Krishna with yadavs and Mulayam and Lalu who have given a distinct identity to yadavs all over the country. I don’t understand why these researches are essential and what purpose it solves.

I believe that every person requires being Brahmin, Kshtriya, Baishya and Shudra simultaneously with knowledge, strength, financial acumen and intense interest in hard work for providing services of all kinds. The thousands of castes evolved over centuries of slavery are totally obsolete and must be replaced with newer professions one seeks for living if at all required for distinction. For example, my caste and title must be either gyani, manager, or engineer today.

While talking about religion, the word Hindu has gone real broad. It has allowed immense flexibility too. Everything related to this religion such as sacred thread, shikha, or specific chants have gone. I am sure over the years other religions and their followers will go Hindus way. I wish the questions of beard and veil would not have disturbed any one and created fissures and hatred among the people of the different communities.

Can’t the politicians, particularly of Bihar shun the caste and community factor? If Varun Gandhi who has just reached the age to contest election makes some mistake, why should Lalu had to announce his horrible intention of crushing Varun Gandhi under a road roller in case he would have been Home Minister of the country? Is it not to be popular at all cost just for its votes? Is Lalu not been supporting the criminals against the interest of the state? What is so great about the wife of Shahabuddin that Lalu had to induct her in his party and take her for nomination? What does he try to achieve? All criminals are just criminals and must remain behind the bar or be hanged if the crime is that heinous, be they be of any community or caste and only court can decide that.

I heard Nitish Kumar talking on NDTV with Barkha Dutt who was trying to put her own words in the mouth of Nitish Kumar. Let me confess the chief minster performed well. I have myself written about Nitish Kumar vulnerability under the great incentive of the highest chair after the election 2009 that may be the same pretty human greed for which all politicians work. However, I do also think that Nitish Kumar could have protested against the conclusion Prannoy Roy and Barkha Dutt drew and expressed on the TV channel through a press statement. Will Nitish put Lalu to fast track judgment process for his beasty wish publicly?

Bihar today is fortunate to have a rational leader in Nitish Kumar. Let the ambition or greed not take over the other essential values of a great leader that he can become.

And for Lalu and all politicians who wish to help the miserable poverty in Muslim community, I suggest all the political parties must ensure universal education and skilling for all the children of the community through modern education. I am sure even BJP will not disagree to this. The people of the community have been historically artists, educationists, craftsmen, and highly intelligent skilled hands since century. Let all the parties unitedly agree that the unscrupulous few in the community oor the outsiders will not be allowed to keep them in perpetual poverty. Why should not the politicians also appeal their listeners also about the roles they can play in the development process?




A nice article but how we can avoid caste ? Its a major constituent of our day to day life. Even if NDTV do not show the The Yadav Factor - Its not going to help much in election . People do vote on the basis of caste and people do not vote on the basis of caste . Caste is not always a major criteria . How Lalu Prasad can for get his defeat from Madhepura when Yadavs only rejected him and elect an outsider Sharad Yadav . Similarly , People like Sri Nikhil Chaudhary got elected twice from a constituency where his castemen were almost less than 1 % .

If caste game is correct then George should have not ever elected from Muzaffarpur or Nalanda but he won all his election and defeated the tallest figure of majority caste from Nalanda and Muzaffarpur . Should not we salaute the electorate ?

But caste play role when you are being benefitted or being targetted on the basis of caste . Here the education / socio-economic back ground or wealth nothing matter but only caste .

Ranjan Rituraj Sinh , NOIDA