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Unrealistic expectation



These days new trend has started with whining of intelligentia in Bihar who are your usual cornucopia-seekers.
Unrealstic expectation aside, but what difference actually Nitish Kumar has made can be gauged from the fact that you don't see CM's relatives junket occupying all the plum positions in government that we have gotten so used to during Laloo. Rabri Devi with all due respect is not fit enough to be peon of secretariat but thanks to nepotism we have had her as CM. Her level of boorishness and ignorance once again got underlined with the language she has been using during election campaign. Does anybody even know who Nitish Kumar’s relatives are? Answer is resounding no.

If you really want to see change go to Bihar change is obvious everywhere. My brother works in parliament house. Story their doing the round is Laloo, Paaswan quipped, "Nitish Itana kaam kar diya hai ki ham akele lareneg to garda chhoda dega." Very fact that you see sworn enemy embracing each other to fight against Nitish tells you all about Nitish Kumar's work. Forget media management, people are smarter than any of us give them credit for. Nitish is getting high billing because he is an honest hard-working man and result is visible on the ground.

Few word of caution for those who go on tirades to the effect: why cornucopia has not been brought to Bihar. Please try to understand rut of 60 years can’t be wished away swiftly within few years. Destruction is easy construction takes time. Give Nitish time. Please for heaven's sake stop raising bogeys of secularism communalism. That bogey has done enough damage to India in general and Bihar in particular. There is no communal agenda in development and BJP is much committed to development as JD (U).
Those who bled Bihar dry suddenly have started talking about development but anyone who has lived in Bihar during Laloo years, where if your car got snatched then you had to visit CM house to recover it, would tell you we are living today in relative heaven .

So thank heavens for what you have got and strengthen Nitish Kumar's hands.