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Dr. R.P. Raman


It is not only the Government machinery in Bihar who is culprit, but mostly it is the so called "Kaliyugi" teachers in Bihar schools who are mostly responsible for taking Bihar back to the dark ages. Most of the so called teachers in Bihar schools are unfit for even a peon's post because they do not have high educational and moral background required for this profession. Thousands of them have been sacked recently because they submitted fake degrees and certificates. These people have become teachers not because they possess some special qualities or acumen of a teacher, but only because nothing else was available for them as per their merit.

However, this is not to belittle the noble profession of a teacher. There are some good teachers in the system as well, but their numbers are far less than a healthy educational system should have. There are thousands of black sheeps in this profession in the State. On smallest child curiousity or activities, they beat little angels mercilessly by canes and sticks to the extent that the terrorized and traumatized children urinate and defecate in their dresses-on in the classroom itself ! The teachers verbally and physically abuse the little children. There are several instances of teachers making sexual demands and commit sexual offences against their own students ! The shame must be ashamed by witnessing all these horrible crimes of these kaliyugi gurus. It is no surprize then that school drop out rate in Bihar is one of the highest in the country.

Through your paper, I request the Hon'ble Chief Minister and his Government to please change the present rule of selecting teachers through Gram Panchayats. This policy has not helped the primary education in the state, but it has definitely helped in fattening the pockets of Mukhiyas of the concerned Panchayats most of whom are local dons. In most of the recruitments of school teachers, a large amount of money has changed hands with Mukhiyas demanding anything between 50,000 to one lakh per candidate to select him/her as teacher or a Shiksha Mitra. It is no surpize then that you do not have good ideal teachers to emulate in the society.

Hence, it is utmost required to scrap this faulty system of teachers recruitment through Panchayats, instead of this please start a "Teacher's Service Commission" like many other advanced states to appoint teachers up to high school level by a Three-phase Selection Process consisting of 'Preliminary, Mains, and Viva voce' to select the best candidates for this noblest of the professions. Only then perhaps we may again have teachers like Vishwamitra, Vashistha, Valmiki, Dronacharya, Sandipani, and Chanakya. And only then perhaps we can hope again to produce students like Ram, Krishna, Arjun, and Chandragupta Maurya. Is it asking for too much ?