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What is the true story behind imprisoned physics professor from Bihar?


During the course of his long career as an atomic physicist, Dr Tiwari has been delivering lectures and researching physics problems in some of the best laboratories in the world including those in US A, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, France, Italy,  and Japan, to name a few.  He has also been the recipient of several extremely prestigious scholarships and awards in these countries. Dr. S N Tiwari has published over 150 articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals, which is an admirable feat in itself.

Recently, a few news articles were published regarding S N Tiwari, Professor and head of Physics department of B R Ambedkar Bihar University (Muzaffarpur) who was arrested a couple of weeks ago for allegedly misappropriating a meager sum of Rs 5000, in 1996.

It is very disturbing to note that some people are going to great lengths to incarcerate Dr. Tiwari for an alleged fraud worth meager Rs 5000, which might have occurred 12 years ago!  This being despite the fact that the reported allegation was determined to be false by other significant authorities. It is beyond imagination to believe that Dr. Tiwari would jeopardize his career for this negligible sum of money.

However, even if these allegations were to be true, and he were to be convicted, it would seem sensible to issue a fine and/or return the money with interest.  

However, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to imprison a20highly regarded professor, without bail , for this alleged incident. In these times where thugs and murderers post instant bail, does a non-bailable imprisonment for an innocuous professor with no previous incarceration bode well for the justice system? Is anybody questioning this?

It appears that immense amount of time and resources have been dedicated to imprison Dr. Tiwari for such a negligible sum of money. Could there be foul play? Is it possible that some people are using the situation for personal gains or vendetta by framing an allegation and having him arrested, and now not allowing him to post bail?  That is why I ask - "what is the true story behind imprisoned physics professor from Bihar?" Is this being investigated?

It is unfortunate that an immense amount of public resources and tax payers’ money is being used to incriminate innocent people for possible personal or political gains. I hope that right steps are immediately taken by pertinent authorities in this case to resolve this matter in a credible manner.