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Expectations and Challenges before Obama




(Bihar Times): Barak Husain Obama has taken oath as the 44th president of America. The world has full hopes on the first non-white president in the American history. Americans who are facing acute economic depressions and terrible unemployment problem have high hoped on Obama as president of America. They are hopeful that Obama will find a way out of these hurdles and the American youths will get employment at the earliest. On the other side, the terror-victims, about more than half of the world also have hopes Obama that he will take steps that would control over terrorism. The Muslim world also expects justice and establishment of peace. But the Americans are more anxious to see Obama setting the wheel right and improving the lost image of America.
Only the future will tell how far Obama comes true to the expectancies. But the decisions he took just after taking the charge of the office of the president of America show that Obama has the courage to do something. That is why, he in his first decision has decided to close the Guantanamo bay jail. Guantanamo Bay jail is known as that controversial & notorious jail that is run under American army. It is said that in this jail that is in Cuba, those prisoners are kept those are involved either in terrorism or in terror conspiracies. In this jail, there are many prisoners who are only suspected terrorists. It is notable that many prisoners in this jail have been released. Some prisoners are witness of the inhuman behaviour met in this jail. Few years ago this jail came to limelight when the inhuman behaviour of some American soldiers was published with photographs with the prisoners. The beastly & uncivilized behaviour by these American soldiers moved the humanity. The photographs of inhuman behaviour in Guantanamo Bay jail brought discredit to America in the world. Obama, in his election campaign, promised that after winning the election, he will close this Guantanamo Bay jail. And at last Obama did this.

The world is concerned about knowing Obama's policy about global terrorism. All want to know how Obama deals with the violence & terror affected countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan. After holding the office of the president, when he talked to a foreign leader, the Palestine president Mahmood Abbas, he tried to prove how serious & concerned he is about the problems of Middle East. However Obama has called all the Muslim countries of the world to cooperate for the peace establishment in the world. But it seems that increasing Taliban's influence over the borders of Afghanistan & Pakistan doesn't give a chance to Obama to be liberal. The constant increasing activities of the terrorists have produced such circumstances that even liberal Obama has to say that this area between Afghanistan & Pakistan has become the most dangerous area of the world. After Obama has taken the office of the president, the mission led by NATO army, led by America against the Taliban, fifteen persons have been killed in an air attack. It is a matter of sorrow that the terrorists are ignoring Obama's will to establish peace. After taking oath as the president, Obama said in his speech, "America is a friend of all the countries of the world, from the rich countries to the poor countries, even from where my father has come & the countries which love peace. We want to say to the poor countries that we are with them. We are not in difference from their pains. We desire that every nook & corner of the world should get food & water."

But the above statement of Obama doesn't mean that he would be ready to compromise with terrorism or bow before terror. He is very well aware of the fact that the problem of the Al Qaeda & the Taliban & Pakistan are the greatest challenge. To deal with this problem, Obama has appointed Richard Holbrooke as his envoy in Afghanistan & Pakistan. Obama has also said that there is no way out but to struggle against the Al Qaeda & the Taliban in Afghanistan. Peace can't be established until the chances of development are not increased in Pakistan & Afghanistan. Obama believes that it is a central point of attack against extremist & terrorism. For the hard decisions taken in this area of work, American envoy Richard Holbrooke is also famous as 'Bulldozer' in America. He is known as the ablest statesman of the Obama administration. Before visiting Pakistan & Afghanistan, Holbrooke has said that Pakistan & Afghanistan are two different countries. Their history is different but as the geographical conditions are same, being of the same geographical identities, they are concerned equally with the incidents happening here. About the terrorists, Holbrooke has remarked we are facing an enemy that has no hesitation in doing any extreme thing. That is an enemy who can slay the ladies going to educate in the girls schools & is notorious for his misdeeds.

In spite of the peace efforts by Obama, the worsening conditions over the Afghan-Pak border & increasing influence of the extremists in Pakistan, the worries of America has increased. Still many Americans are in doubt although there has not been any attack on America after 9/11. There is also a great possibility that the next plan of conspiracy by the extremists can be prepared in Pakistan. It means that the extremist organization Al Qaeda for its motive of attack can do it making its centre in Pakistan. Experts are of the view that Pakistan is under pressure from every side. On the one side, India has made its pressure for action against terrorists because of the Mumbai attacks & on the other side, the extreme & terror activities of the tribal area has increased its problems. And Pakistan economy is going weaker. Amidst all these circumstances, it has to hear from every side that Pakistan has become a hiding place & an asylum for the terrorists.

Under the above circumstances, what will be of the hopes that peace loving people of the world have about the peace & prosperity in the world, on taking Obama's office as president. In every country of the world, the election of Obama as a president has been celebrated. In India too, on the night of January 20, at the Hazrat Nizamuddeen Auliya shrine in Delhi, the programme of Quwwali & joy went on for the all night. American diplomats from New Delhi were also present here. The world is of the opinion that Obama's America will not be same as Bush's America as it was a symbol of military power. It was a giant power undoubtedly, but its image was becoming that of a giant devil. It was representing a presumption. The people of the world have hope that Obama's America will remain a superpower that helps small, weak & poor countries with its help & cooperation, the superpower that plays the role of an elder in a family like a father or an elder brother. But it is also important that America should be only expected in accordance to the expectations of America. The extremists, the terrorist organizations, the persons having fundamentalist thoughts & such like countries must understand it well that the prosperity & development of the peace loving people & countries along with their own depends of cooperation to be rendered to president Obama in this good work of peace establishment.

All should play a positive role in fulfilling dreams of making a peaceful world. Nothing can be achieved by hiding their blunders & sticking to orthodox obstinacy or cursing the western civilization. If the extremists & the terrorists don't help Obama in the peace process, then the only way out is to adopt strict measures & uproot their foundations.