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    Constant vigilance is mantra of success in democracy


    Dear Editor,

    My heartiest congratulations to you and your team for the fantastic job.

    True, that some positive signs of development of Bihar can be seen.

    True, that the current government seems to be actively working for the growth of Bihar.

    But, We have to go a long way. We need be focussed.
    Since, we have been lagging in almost all the areas(Education, Public Health, Infant Mortality rate, Law and Order, Industrial Growth.....), even a small development results in stupendous percentage growth.
    It makes the picture rosy, but the ground reality is that we are nowhere near to some relatively better off states or national standards.

    Constant vigilance is mantra of success in democracy.

    We must appreciate  the positive steps but should not get carried away with the exaggerated data and claims.
    Madhav Kumar