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    Lalu Yadav’s Debacle - from a Muslim Perspective




People of Bihar do not want see Rabri Devi as a CM or a opposition leader due to her lack of education and experience in politics. She may be a good person but she is not a person who can represent Bihar. CM is one who represents state, handles people problems and solves them. Also, before speaking in public many things must be considered. Rabri Devi lacks these things.. People of Bihar, even RJD voters, were feeling embarrassed of voting uneducated Rabri Devi as the CM of Bihar.
Lalu Yadav, on the other hand, thinking that Muslim is his 'jagir' and Muslims will vote for him without any failure because he is the only person in Bihar who can save them from communal violence, though he made a number of mistakes, like not giving justice to the victims of Bhagalpur because all the accused were Yadavs. This message went against Lalu Yadav in the Muslim community. Bhagalpur riot was the issue for the Congress downfall and rise of RJD to power.. He didn’t do anything for any section of Muslim either rich or poor. Muslims became economically weak, uneducated in RJD region, but on the other hand found more Muslim goons uprising and taking ransom from Muslim businessmen and from others section of Muslims.
This easy money resulted in more and more Muslims becoming criminals and these criminals were working for RJD ministers and enjoying the power without any fear of police. They were also not allowing Muslims from raising their voice or demanding Lalu Yadav to take some proper actions or in election matters. Election booths were surrounded by these types of criminals so that general and intellectuals Muslims could keep away from voting, and thus slowly the Muslims lost interest in politics and all the Muslim classes stopped giving vote as they all thought that they were cheated by Lalu Prasad. Lalu Prasad has not done anything for them except for his few proclaim Muslim leaders and their families and their criminals . Rise of Nitish begun because Muslims did not see Nitish as a threat to Muslim. Though Nitish is in BJP alliance and Muslims don’t like BJP but that didn’t deter them from voting for Nitish.
Also the other mistake made by Lalu Yadav was not selecting right Muslim leaders. He didn’t bother to inquire that how many time these proclaimed Muslim leaders came up without Muslim problems. They always come up only with their family’s problem, to give their relative a RJD ticket or transfer the police or others of their choice so that they can rule the city, take the contract and take money for transfer and posting because they are the relative of proclaimed Muslim leader in front of Lalu Yadav only.

Whenever these proclaimed Muslim leaders or Lalu loyalists were approached with any problem, these Muslim ministers used to say: "I cannot put your demand or problem in front of other minister because he is very junior to me and if the issue is to be raised in front of Lalu then they were told that the problem was too small to be put in front of Lalu."

In both cases, general Muslims would suffer. Their main aim was that no other Muslim should come in contact with Lalu Yadav or become the well wisher of the Muslims so that only one or two Muslim minister leaders would enjoy the power. Lalu Yadav has to think of these leader once again and bring new educated Muslim leaders who can put Muslim agenda for Muslim betterment otherwise Lalu Yadav can forget Muslims returning back to RJD. Congress and JD-U are now also the options for Muslims as at the Centre, there is no threat from BJP.




I read with great interest the write up on Muslims and RJD (read Lalu Yadav) in Bihar.  There is no secret Lalu ruled by criminalizing politics in Bihar.  The commentator has correctly described that general Muslim population did not benefit from rule of RJD.  It is heartening to know Muslims in Bihar have realized it and have started voicing resentments towards the politics practiced by RJD.  Be it Hindus or Muslims they are all equal citizens and have equal right to prosperity.  Muslims must not feel estranged from the society and must forge partnership to run the state together.  I will caution Muslims though.  Congress or any other political parties have helped criminalization of politics in Bihar and in exploitation of Muslims.
JDU under the leadership of Nitisk Kumar is doing commendable work.  Nitish Kumar's hands must be strengthened.
I would also point out that Muslims must analyze the policy and politics of BJP without bias.  By following RJD's policy and Congress' party line that BJP is a communal party without analyzing the details defies logic.  It is all right to differ but to differ blindly is not a sign of maturity.
D P Verma


A matured article. We are from mumbai & slowly changing our views about Bihar. We came to your site through google news. Time has come Kalinga & Bihar comeout from the clutchs of communal pliticians & establish themself in national scene. BJP was never a threat to Muslims.RJD is real threat. . Every single party knew this but projected BJP as enemy just for muslim & minority votes. How Nithsh shared the dias with Modi immediately after Bihar election. His compulsion is understandable. Once muslims are educated they can play a bigger role for betterment of india then Communal pliticlans like Lasu , Paswan, Mulayam & Amar of UP.