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A Commentry on the State of Affairs

Prateek K Anand


(BiharTimes) Subject of the national ridicule is this state which identified the potential of Mahatma and made him into one. This was not the first time it did so. In fact its past is replete with such examples. Yet, it has come to such a sorry state where it has to look towards Delhi for everything. But there is no other way at the moment, as in this federal structure what ever economic and social advantages this state enjoyed once all stands negated now. Its resources were used to build the nation, that includes human resources as well, but the state did not get the commensurate return. Off course there has been always all the paraphernalia of show of inclusive growth, yet the policies were so crafted as not to be to the benefit of the states which were rendered laggard at sole discretion of central government. My endless soul searching sessions and look through the facts and figures did not yield any meaningful reason for the backwardness of states which are potentially among the richest one far ahead of others. Alas! The soul keeper of the nation, Bihar is also one among such states.

I’m often bemused and disgusted at the same time at the sight of some harried professional politician whose only claim to leadership is on account of lack of alternative livelihood or absence of quality of life for himself. Off course, some others would have made this their profession in search of power they can wield over their brethrens, not out of respect but out of awe off course. Toeing the party line they even tend to mortgage the interest of the people whose cause they seek to champion. Hollering by some of these leaders refuting central apathy to the state leaves me aghast, as facts point to otherwise. Perhaps also a make believe MAYA JAAL in which general people have been pushed into, makes it impossible for them to see the reasons or lack of it in all these arguments and counterarguments of their so called leaders. These politicians of ruling dispensation at center conveniently forget that all the policies and programs of central government have enough shoestrings attached to it to make them unimplementable. What Britisher’s could not achieve over two hundred years has been very much achieved by their own rulers. Spirit behind mass upsurge for a just cause as witnessed on arrival of Gandhi which made him into Bapu of the nation has gone amiss somewhere.

Situation has come to such a pass that symptoms of the ills are now being taunted as the reason for the state in which Bihar is in today. Naxalism and Lawlessness are being sought as why no development can happen here. I had not known if the people born on the Bank of mighty Gangase have inherently criminal and destructive mentality by default as we are made to believe now by numerous self serving writers and journalist. This lot seems to make living for them out of the abject poverty and human misery. “White Tigers” Mr Adiga just got richer by doing so and so has been the case with numerous journalists. And, now this federal home minister is saying that Naxalism has been the main reason for lack of development in the so called underdeveloped states. He conveniently forgot to mention why this Naxalism came to roost in these regions in the first place. Plundering of mineral resources of the region without reaching any benefits to the inhabitants of these regions under question, did never occur to him. And, how on earth AP has come in the forefront of developed states? Mr Minister, first get hang of the policies crafted by your own government before you open your mouth. Why others, why not about your own policy formulations governing the loan waiver scheme. Did you ever analyze about the way you crafted these policy did they at all benefitted the poor states. You could make specific provision for creating center of excellence in your own state but the state of higher education in Bihar didn’t crossed your mind at all. Four metros are entitled to all the central largess as the nerve center of four regions, but right to dignified life in these metro’s belongs to only the people of the state to where these are located.. Am I right Mr Minister? Do I need to say anymore? Please don’t pontificate, if you can’t be any helpful.

Duplicity of federal administration right upto the present Prime Minister Level has been all to evident. Kosi flood merited tag of National Disaster yet people of the region are not entitled to same relief and rehabilitation benefits as extended to people of quake hit Gujarat or Tsunami hit Tamilnadu. Federal administrators do not tire of talking about state of higher education in Bihar but they will always find a better place to open such institution if they need to. Ministry of road transport does not know how to get someone to build the National Highways under NHDP III, IV and V in Bihar. Didn’t your predecessor government ensure that NHDP I and NHDPII do take off in Bihar as well? Not realizing that its policies itself are the biggest hindrance. And there is these power and coal ministry which has become the biggest roadblock in the way of power project in Bihar. They may ensure coal linkages and coal supply to power stations located thousands of km away but can not ensure coal supply or linkages for power plants within 100 Km.

Compounding these problems is an overbearing neighbor in West Bengal which can not wean away project for eastern region from federal administration but is ever eager to move the projects committed for the neighborhood including Bihar. Theory governing parity of the regions is playing havoc with the states not fortunate enough to host a metro city.

A time has come for peoples representatives from the state to deliver what they had promised to do in the first place. Mere trying would not suffice for now. You ought to be judged by what you have delivered than how much you have talked. If you can not get for the state what you are supposed to then go and test the strength of temple of democracy at Delhi. Time has now come for you to wake up the conscience and psyche of the the denizens and ruler of this country alike.

If the situation were to improve then federal policies need to be more amenable to the needs of regions lagging behind. If one wishes to see inclusive growth of India then need would be to make things work where they ought to. Further a deeper level of granularity in federal policies and programs need to be incorporated, discarding the present theory of parity of regions. And, above all, realization must dawn upon the authorities concerned that problems have their own propensity to self propagate, but in no case they should mistake symptoms for the problem. Policies and programs should be judged by their ability to reach the deserving.