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cbi inquiry of rahul raj murder



it is just disturbing to see the condition in which today father of rahul raj as well as his family is in. rahul raj was openly murdered in full public view by mumbai police and when inquiry was demanded the biggest joke was done by handling it to the murderers themselves. what could be the biggest insult to the family in grief that inquiry was done by maharstra police and maharstra government, who were accused in the case! rightfully it should have been done outside with proper investigation team and must by cbi. from bus conductor to the fellow passnegers every body there had told that rahul raj had not hijacked them and just wanted to talk to raj thackray and commissioner. he did not fire on anybody....then why he was killed from point blank and that too after being arrested and after removal of katta from his hand??? why the medical reports were varied. in morning the doctor gives interview on ndtv that he was murdered and by evening he is forced to speak just opposite!

no political leader from bihar did anything to demand and ensure cbi inquiry for rahul raj murder. no one from bihar came forward to fight for his cause and left his family helpless. every politician there tried to get media covergae for the time being by visiting his house and making false promises, showing that how low they can stoop that they even don't spare matter of motherland and matter of such tragedy to take political mileage. its irony that today his father is alone in this fight.....no nitish kumar, no lallu yadav, no modi, no paswan, no raghuvansh prasad, no shahabuddin, no jaiprakash jaiswal...all big heavy weights who sit at delhi and run the central government under nose of whom rahul raj was killed at maharastra....could do anything for bihar cause literally.

death of rahul raj is not a personal matter but an open abuse of democracy, law and order, and absolutely an open abuse and humiliation to bihar and bihari community. all these political leaders from bihar are no less than raj thackray and maharastra police, as the culprit of bihar. they downplayed and kept silence like any coward..they speak only when they need vote. and what to tell about bihari aam junta..which has become a civilization of dead souls. no one would feel proud of being associated with such coward people who can't fight for their own self respect and civil rights, which is openly abused by the government itself! there blood don't boild even if their children are killed on the name of their identity! shame. shame bihar.

ravi shankar

department of bioinformatics & structural biology
indian institute of advanced research (iiar)
gandhinagar, gujarat





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