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naxalism- issue is right, method is wrong

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naxalite was started from naxalbari, a small village in darjeeling district of northern west bengal where some local goons attacked a tribal who had been given lands by court as per the tenancy law. in retaliation tribal attacked landlords and claimed the land. from there naxlite movement started. after that it was not only limited to west bengal but it spread like fire to less developed rural area of central & eastern india. now chhattisgarh, andhra pradesh, jharkhand, west bengal, orissa, maharastra, mp, up and some district of other states are worse affected. according to the report from raw there are as many as 20,000 insurgents operational all over the country.

naxal’s ideology of fighting oppression and exploitation to create classless society may be right in their perspective. they are claming to represent most oppressed people who have been untouched by india’s development and bypassed by electoral process. most of them are dalit, adivasi, poorest of the poor who work as landless labourers often below the india’s minimum mandated wages. they believe that indians are still to acquire freedom from hunger and deprivation.

killing of landlords, upper class people, police officials, security forces and politicians will never help them to achieve their aim. although to make a balanced society, government can’t make everyone bill gates, but surely they must be provided the basic facility of roti, kapda and makan. although government is executing many plans for socially deprived people but somehow there are still not getting any benefit and they are showing their frustration by boycotting the election and forcing the people to boycott.

the recent plan by central government to counter operation in all these states will only moisten the filthy dustbin. the demand of time is that they must be listened to. they must be given the equal status. they must be rehabilitated rather than killed. we may kill current 20,000 insurgents but again after 15-20 years another 20,000 will be ready with more enthusiasm to take revenge. we must understand they are not educated people, they are just finding their way of survival. if this problem will not be taken seriously there are more chances of taking advantage of this situation by foreign hand and that time it will be more dangerous for our nation than external aggression.

although it is a national problem, but our prudent chief minister need to be pro- active and give the attention to this serious problem. bihar is just partially affected so far but it will not take enough time to become the situation worse. recent attack during polling was just a demo, many more still to come. ultimately our jawan is loosing their life and government is merely watching. demand of time is serious action in form of rehabilitation.



your observation is so on the mark. the kind of utter penury you get to witness india juxtaposed with the utter riches you awlays wonder why there is no naxalism in every street.
till goi addresses the real issue of poverty naxalism is here to stay. socaleld dali welfare parties too are only interested in cometiocs vote-grabbing
there is a sayinf patripotism is the last refuge fo scoundrels. if i can tale the liberty and extrapolate in political parlour then it would read something like " reservation is thew first use of political coundrels."

everyone knows unless masses are educated they won;t be able to avail fruits of any reservation . m<ore over given the dwindling number of govt jobs this reservation can.t make any difference.
best thing in this scenario to do would have been to start taergteted all expenses paid schools lilke navodaya just for bpl people. but paaswan;s and laloo's of the world don't want rich and poor phraseology enter dalit or pbc politics. while we al know there are privileged few even in dalit community who corner all the benfits of reservation or any such token effort and the penury continues.
can anyone tell me why should kids of paaswan be given reservation in which world is he unprivileged.

i am yet to see even a single recipient of reservation or any such effort from real poor. pessimism is writ so large among those poor lower caste comunity so they don't even think about edcucation. no amount of prodding will influence them to send their kids to school if it.

after years fir the first time i am seeing one kid from dalit community in my village actually pursuing edcuation. already his parents are burdening him with all kinds of negative thoughts. i am just hoping he bucks the trend and actually makes somethign out of his life. pessimism is biggest hurdle i need one example at least to show that education works.

these naxal groups can help instill confidence and optimism and actually do some constructive work instead they are busy with bloodshed. i do understand their grievance but method as you have explained is not right for sure.




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