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so many fake reviews on amazon

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so many fake reviews on amazon

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so many fake reviews on amazon

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in bihar, people are screaming laloo, laloo and laloo. laloo is everywhere. is this the indication of the fall of a star or demise of a leader? from the public opinion and the media, it appears that this is it. finally he is face to face with reality and the end seems near. though we will all miss him we can do without him.
laloo is like an institution. it will be long live laloo for years to come but no personal agridizement and no capacity to make the difference.  as a person, he reminded us to be vigilant but we mistook it.  as an institution, he was responsible for the destruction of bihar. for fifteen years, bihar was his fiefdom; and for fifteen years he repressed the people and chastised them. for all practical purposes, bihar was the laboratory of his vainglorious politics and the end result was the emergence of a successful politician.

as we know, luck favors the brave; and he was brave enough to distinguish himself from the run of the mill politicians. he came to politics as a firebrand leader and used that power to mesmerize the masses.
you see, the person we know now as laloo prasad yadav is really the bucolic lalooa, the man who herded and milked cows and buffalos as a child but also went to school. let us not be concerned about his conventional education because he does have formal education in arts and law. what is important is his subsequent experiment with life in politics?
mr. laloo prasad yadav came as a surprise on the political scene and he has remained a surprising figure. just as no one expected the man to harbor criminals, promote crime and loot the treasury of bihar, no one in congress expected him to take on the congress. this is the juxtaposition of the man. notwithstanding his benign and old-fashioned upbringing, he has had a tumultuous life. the movement of jaya prakash, his election to the legislative assembly and his ascendancy to the position of the chief minister was so brisk that it was mind boggling. some say that as soon as he became the chief minister the cruelty and lust for more power blinded him and the name given to him as the messiah of the poor was due to the foulness of his life and manners rather than for realism. later on, he became so accustomed to insolence and wantonness that he lost touch with reality.

under normal condition, the people of democracy would have rejected such a leader but laloo was the leader of bihar, a state that had suffered in the hands of congress leaders. when people realized that he could be the ray of hopes, they supported him unconditionally. what they had to loose? such a blind support gave laloo the freedom to act mostly on impulse; and his impulse has been the biggest reason for his success so far.
however, india has changed. the proliferation of media and methods of communication has revolutionized the society. people are conscious of their rights and obligations. in the present atmosphere, people like laloo would suffer because no body questioned them before. they must clarify now where they stand on issues and what they would do and what they have done for the people.
seriously, i do not wish laloo bad but i wish the defeat of his party. may be after the defeat, he would come to his senses and take life seriously. i still believe that as a person, he is harmless but as politician, he is dangerous.

laloo jee! give up politics. just do not mix up with the crowd that defamed you. declare that you are going to take sanyas from politics for higher purposes. go to the masses without political ambition and work like jaya prakash did and vinowa bhave did. you will find peace and happiness; and may be a new way of life.




this reply is in reference to the message of mr. amanullah. mr. amanullah is just looking at the one aspect of the coin.

here, i would like to apprise him of few facts:

1) why lalu prasad yadav failed to deliver justice to bhagalpur riot victims? just because the culprits belongs to the caste most favoured by him? no doubt, in 5 years lalu ji has succeeded in turning railways into a profit sector. but where the real question is “where was his charisma, when he ruled bihar for almost 15 years directly or indirectly?”
2) if he is the real secular then what compelled him to join the hands with samajwadi party [kalyan singh (main accused of babri masjid demolition and once said that he has no regrets that babri masjid demolished) is the now the samajwadi party member]. instead of calling him secular, i would call him sickular, who can go to any extent just to gain votes.
3) you cannot really term him as “messiah of poor people”. poor, dalits & students (irrespective of caste & religion) have been affected worst during him misrule. they had to migrate to other state in search of job & quality education and suffered the discrimination and hate. ex- maharashtra, punjab & assam.
4) just to remind which has almost faded from the memory of people, lalu prasad yadav is the main culprit of “fodder scam” and everyone knows how he managed that. (hint: similar to the management of mayawati)
5) a real secular person “lalu prasad yadav” has joined hands with congress- who sponsored sikh riots.

on the other hand, if you look impartially, you will find that it’s nitish kumar, in whose regime, justice has been delivered to bhagalpur riot vicims. nitish kumar has changed the face of bihar in just three years. now, bihar news no more comes for bad reasons like- kidnapping & murder but for development. with nitish kumar’s initiative, iit, patna, cilu, management institute on the basis of iim etc has been opened in bihar and revival of nalanda university has become possible. nitish kumar is the real hero of bihar. he refused to share dais with narendra modi or varun gandhi because he is not hungry for the chair.

if bihar will be developed, that development will not be limited to one caste or religion. so, support development and give a strong farewell message to lalu prasad yadav. in the words of hon’ble nitish kumar: “what the people need is to bolt the gates and keep him out if bihar is to survive.”

jai bihar.

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i entirely agree with the first comment, the social upliftment is definetly his achievement. however this reason alone will not be sufficient enough to save his party from crushing defeat in this election.

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laloo bashing has become a fashion, rather the style statement of people, who do not go into facts. i belong to brahmin family, i remember the time, when the labors used to come to our place...and my dadaji would ask all to keep distance from them, in a tin lota, water used to be kept on the ground for them. last time, i went to my village, i saw him sitting on the same sofa in my village with the same labour, telling him not to worry, he would arrange the money for her daughter's marriage.

if laloo didn't do development, atleast he did upliftment. i always felt odd, at my grandpa's behaviour back then...as i belonged to the elite school...and could feel the pain and accustomed acceptance of the dalit.

this is what laloo did. after years of misrule, when he should have taken the state on u-turn...all he did was either to carry forward, or slow down the pace of misrule....



dear mr. pandey i do not agree with you laloo is still massha for the poor people and he is sincere politician who loves the nation and he proves him self as a historical railway minister who made historic profit in indian railway, he is the brave man who stop the l.k. advani to his babri mosque demolition rath yatra.stop the entry of girah raj and perveen togadyia, we will support him till he favor to poor people of bihar and india
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