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Will this fire extinguish ?

Dr.Abhay kumar



There are cries. . . . . Tears trickling from the eyes. . . . .
Furious crowd ! . . . . Burnt again ! . . . . . . "Ye AAG kab Bujhegi ?"
This sketch is of the right passage between our hostel and post mortom hall. ,a bare area where we see the tears , morning to evening. . . . .

Emotions collapsing under law . Hundreds of the strange face weeping around and the sound striking over the window of our hostel.
This was as usual ,saturday morning , going my way to hospital for ward duty .A body on stretcher, wrapped in clean & white cloth was lying , probably waiting its turn to get the last formality of post mortem. . . . Hmmm . . . No problem for me, its routine for us. . . .
Its normal for me.

I was in hurry for my duty. Saw a crowd ahead... Just ignored and proceeded for my duty. But I was feeling upset today.. This crowd seemed not normal, as I saw before .The scene was flying over the
mind. I completed my duty unwillingly and with back steps I went to meet Dr.(Prof.) Arvind Prasad, head of the dept.Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, if what really the matter was . He welcomes me, asks me to sit.. . . . He orderers to bring two cup of tea . . . Myself his loving student as i had a lot of chance to work with him for magazine society of our college. Again he becomes busy the papers.. .,don't ask anythig more.. . . Taking tea. . . He noticed my face and asked whether i wanted to ask anything. I asked "why is the crowd outsid ,sir?" He said that this was a homicidal case under dowry act. There was alligation of dowry death and he was preparing the papers for post mortem. He had to investigate the fact. Now he invited me to go along with him to the post mortem room. I couldn't deny ,and followed him.
The body was completely burnt lying on the table ,charred , disfigured,hairs curled,some blisters on the legs. The formality was being fulfilled by my teacher and he asked me to write in the paper .
. . . . He started to dictate . . ." Name-Rani Devi,Age - 20 yrs , Fathers name - Sri Ramnath Sing, Muhalla - V.K.S.Colony. . . . V.K.S.Colony.....
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
" the words were echoing on my tympanic membrane. . . . " Name-Rani Devi,Age - 20 yrs , Fathers name - Sri Ramnath Sing, Muhalla - V.K.S.Colony. . . . . . . . . . . . . . " The pen fell down from my hand , my strength was loosening . . . . . I noticed the face of my teacher and then set on the bench without his permission . My power was no more now. . . . .
"What happened Abhay ?Anything wrong ?"My teacher asked me. . . . My leaps were trembling. . . . Could not reply. . . . He supported me and brought me in his chamber. . . . . Ordered a glass of water for me. .
. . . Even the plain water was not going inside my throat.
"She . . . She is my friend's sister sir. . . . ". I said. He did not reply even a word. We were looking each other. . . .Came outsid the chamber. . . I saw my friend Shyam ,his hairs scattered , sweat over the head ,pale face ,red eyes , dirty shoes ,crowd all around ,busy in phone. . . . . I put my hand on his shoulder from back. . . . . He turned. . . . . The tears fell down to his cheeks. . . . Hugged me with the burst from core !




The irony of the dowry system is that the women who have been harassed for bringing inadequate dowries are doing the same with their daughters-in-law. Women have to play a leading role in extinguishing this fire.




Will this fire extinguish? Yes, it will extinguish, you have to extinguish, I have to extinguish, we all have to extinguish and within no time there will be no such kind of fire. Dowry has been a stigma on our society for centuries. Harassment, molestation, strangle to death, burning and drowning of women is being done by even so called educated people of our society for just a piece of paper(money). For them, this piece of paper is much heavier than the life of a women, forget about ethics and spiritualism.
I belong to a remote village of Bihar. I have seen the plight of those father who has got daughters. It has been a nightmare for them. Marriage is considered one of the holiest ritual in all religion and society where two souls become one. But unfortunately these concept no longer exist. It has become a bazaar where a tag ‘For Sale’ has been put on every man . CRPF man- 4 lakhs, army – 5 lakhs, Air force- 8 lakhs, Engineer – more than 10 lakh, IAS, IPS- if you are middle class, you have to sell yourself. This bazaar is so unique that all professional are trying to squeeze their best from Ladki wala .
Ironically rather than stigma, taking dowry has become a status symbol. The ladka wala, who will get more amount will have more respect and better status in society. By and large this is the perception of dowry in villages.
We have to start from our own. We have to convince our parents, relatives and our society that this selling bazaar need to be stopped. I know its bit difficult, but we can convince them. We, educated people should put the example for others. It will definitely spread like cancer. But this cancer will be cancer of goodness. If everyone of us can spread fragrance in society, ultimately this society will become a paradise. At that time we can say- yes we already extinguished this fire.

Jitender Kumar