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(bihar times) kind of news everyday appearing in bihar times has convinced me that there is a need for educational reforms in bihar.(that is needed at national level also but let us leave this issue right now.)the icici bank statistics has to be interpreted correctly.money is going in that market where it is possible to find skilled person.in other words,goddess lakshmi is going to live there where goddess
saraswati is residing.in spite of government promotion of industrial parks things don't seem to be going the right way.
yesterday, i heard sushil kumar modi accusing west indian states.the fact that jute products are not able to compete with plastic products in the market cannot be overcome by lanching a janaandolan (people's movement) at jantar mantar.these west indian states are nearer to port. it is therefore that they are understanding the importance of plastic and many more things like that. instead of taking land or money or physical hard work as a primery source to gain status in society,education has to be given more importance.i would request government to run ph.d courses in full swing.
hire good faculty members whose research work can bring value addition in the product and then try to compete in the market.
therfore the real problem is how to attract good students in academics and how to give academic positions to good people.casteism and nepotism doesn't allow that to happen.further,even an honest interview committee is not always a guarantee for the selection of good people. for that government has to depend entirely on the recommendation of eminent scientists or educationists.
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get paid to do reviews for amazon

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