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good governance for smaller state?


when we want to make any new state on the basis of language or regionalism only, then india could be divided into more than 100 states. regarding comments of some of our politicians that smaller states are good for good governance then when anyone of these local politicians when by chance would become prime minster of india then they will ask for division of india into many countries for good governance. on the other hand, they forget that already created smaller states like jharkhand, chhattisgarh and uttarakhand they are not setting in any way good example of good governance. thus, the theory of good governance by being small is untenable. if we are going to make a state because of any leaders fast unto death the think many separatist leaders within the country are prepared to die for division of india on the basis of religion, language and community. why we are then fighting for kashmir? why our arunachal pradesh is still disputed? what hypocrisy is this?

when a person thinks that he is fit for chief-minister of a state and sees that his chances are not coming then he/she feels that this is better to divide the state and become chief minister of the new state! i hope that at least some politicians just to become chief ministers of smaller states may not air their views just for their self-serving reasons

How much does a content reviewer at Amazon earn in USA

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How much does a content reviewer at Amazon earn in USA

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How much does a content reviewer at Amazon earn in USA

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i fully agree with our honorable cm. i am in favor of smaller and smaller states. my village of khajapur in the home district of our honorable cm, nalanda, has been neglected for decades my successive governments of bihar. politicians of patna have very systematically deprived my village of any tangible development. no roads, no electricity, no sanitation, no clean water, no employment for youth and no growth potential as well. we actively participated in the freedom movement of india and went to jail several times. even mahatma gandhi acknowledged our contribution to the freedom struggle of india in his autobiography. this village has a long and established social and cultural heritage. but, politicians in patna and delhi have no regard for my great village. therefore, i strongly demand a separate state of khajapur for my village. khajapur is fully capable of sustaining its economy on account of its very fertile lands. we grow rice, wheat, sugarcane, lentils and a variety of vegetable in my village. furthermore, the khaja sweet actually originated from my village, in fact, from my very own house as well. (but, people from silao, which is only 2 kms from my village, stole this distinction from my village.) my branding, trademarking, patenting, and marketing khaja, our international trade and foreign exchange will flourish. my brother-in-law is a great painter and we can have steady income from selling his outstanding paintings. we have got great music potentials as well as my newborn granddaughter appears to be a marvelous singer. therefore, the demand for the state of khajapur is well justified and fully viable. i have got everything planned for my state as well. i will the cm of the state. my father-in-law will be the governor. all my niece and nephews will occupy the important portfolios of the state of khajapur. my home will serve as the cm’s residence while my gaushala (cow shed) will serve as the governor’s mansion. madhu koda will be the distinguished economic advisor. my son-in-law is a civil engineer from mit, muzaffarpur and he will overseer all the infrastructure developments in the state. central funds will provide for the construction of vidhan sabha and vidhan parishad. all the taxes that i will collect from all my state residents will provide for the running cost of vehicles of my official cavalcade. i pledge that i will implement full transparency in the day-to-day operation of the state. i pledge that i will not hold any bank account outside the country. (mind you, my daughters and daughters-in-law are exempt from this pledge.)

if my demands are not fully met within three weeks, i will start fast-unto-death at pmch, where a team of a dozen doctors will continuously feed me sugar solution 24 hours a day in disguise of "monitoring" for fast deteriorating health condition.

long live khajapur,
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