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chandrasekhar rao and many villains-in- making

indra r. sharma


many must be wondering how politics in india make a person a vvip so fast and with not much on credit side. i do know very little about chandrasekhar rao, who would have become martyr for the creation of telengana, and might one day be named the father of telengana.
barkha dutt of ndtv flew to hyderabad to interview rao and her interview projected rao well. suddenly the whole nation was seriously listening to him on that channel talking all big things. rajdeep sardesai, the cnn-ibn has written a nice column on him and expresses his regret for not attending his party. but he has very rightly described the profile of rao:
chandrasekhar rao (kcr) has been a political nomad, who left the telugu desam party in 2001 to form the trs because he did not get a cabinet berth. his experiment with the upa ended when he realised that y.s. rajasekhar reddy was decimating his party. just days before the 2009 general elections, he resurfaced at an nda rally, only to find himself being swept aside once again by the ysr tidal wave. but what he couldn’t do through the ballot box, kcr has achieved, at least temporarily, through one of the oldest forms of political protests: ‘a fast unto death’.
i am sure mahatma didn’t devise the method for such a purpose.
many must be morose and shocked with the sudden eruption of protest even some violent ones on a dead issue all over the country. but some unscrupulous politicians, such as ajit singh, the beneficiary with harit pradesh or some such in darjeeling must have started dreaming.

but i was really shocked to go through a news item in times of india: former union minister mohd taslimuddin has renewed the call for carving out seemanchal, comprising purnia, araria, katihar, kishanganj, bhagalpur, supaul and khagaria districts — in bihar. is it not a very dangerous demand against the interest of the nation? does it not mean creation of a state with muslims as majority and most of them illegally immigrated from bangla desh? and with the vote bank policy of all the political parties, will there be any one to oppose this outright? i would love to see the reactions of the trident of bihar speaking on the issue.

i wish pranab mukherji’s party and all other political parties goes by his advice of not yielding to these unprincipled division of the country in the name of better regional development and better fulfillment of the aspirations of the people of the region.

i wonder how a protestor can divide andhra when most of the elected representatives of the states including those from the telegana region don’t want it.

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