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indra r. sharma



(bihar times): i have been writing supporting the objective of your vikash yatra. however, i was shocked to hear a report on ndtv india today. it showed some farmers somewhere in katihar and their produce totally spoiled by tractors to construct the camp for your janata darbar. do you know that? who will bear the loss incurred by those farmers? is it the way to organize the meeting? can't it be avoided? have you instructed your officers to minimize the inconvenience of any sort to the farmers? if it is being done in so poor manner, you must stop it immediately.

every panchayat if not every village is having a lot of government waste land that historically served as grazing ground. why can't the waste land be used for your meeting and camp, if you can't find some houses to accommodate your people? even though you may be a chief minister, who has permitted you and your so-called arrogant and autocrat officers to spoil the cultivated farms?

i appeal and request to find out the affected farmers who were shown on the tv channel and get them immediately compensated sufficiently. you also must apologize for the faults of your officers. please appreciate the misery of the poor farmers and don't break their dreams based on the small little grains that he waits so long from harvesting to make his living. if the report of ndtv india is wrong, please be brave to drag it to the court for wrong reporting.

i request readers to respond to my letter and appeal. all the readers agreeing with me must write to the cm.



amazon family and friends give 5 star reviews

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