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(bihar times): it is a sad day for democracy. when the status of the elected members of the assembly and parliament is so pathetic - the public outside the state of jharkhand need to understand what is the status of the common person in the region . we need to really wait for the day when the protectors of law are independent and not brought under any political or insitutional pressures. the elected representatives are sympathetic with the people's views and needs only when they are sitting in opposition and not while they are in power. this is in vogue with majority of the elected representatives. what ever said and done the police excesses should not be tolerated with any level of persons. the citizens of jharkhand are tired of so called democratic rule of the state under the leadership of various political parties for the last 9 years. the common public have earned nothing but the wealth of the state has been plundered . with the president's rule at least some inertia has creeped into the activities of the state and hope that this incident will not throw a spanner in the pace of the activities which will be a short lived honey moon but at least the people will have a taste of governance.

bqool amazon 5 star customer review service





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