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rail budget


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rail minister lalu yadav manipulate people of country as well as railway. last year he announced that after provided 9 berth coached in each compartment of sleeper class, train fair will be decreased upto 5 %, but it could not applied till now. however, most of the coaches in sleeper class converted into 9 berth system. this new system is also creat panic situation during journey period.

most of the project which approved in last rail budget by lalu, would not be implemented like as shivhar rail sleeper plant project.

there are so many projects is pending in railway. the koshi rail bridge between nirmali and bhaptiyahi in north bihar, which known as a defence importance that connect northeast india to northwest in a short duration.

rail traffic runs very busy on some main lines, i.e. muzaffarpur- hazipur, samastipur-darbhanga, but there is no provision to doubling these lines.

railway delayed to complet the work of new rail line muzaffarpur – sitamarhi


(bihar times):it is not good to complain the whole ministry or for particular mishappening or  misdeeds. we commuters always forget our duty .is it not our duty to carry light enough suitcase so that ,in any emergency, we can carry our luggage? platform is changed , at the moment, in a very rare case.    no rly minister can provide 100% satisfaction in respect of service either it is in the field of ticketing or cleanness or porter over charging.


overcharging problem is not only at rly station but out side rly premises too . i am not  supporter of lalu prasad but if we compare improvements, made during his reign, he is far ahead. what   was the statistics of accident  or operating ratio or financial position of rly ?people started to avoid  faith in the rly due to frequent major accidents? he has been  appreciated not only by indian institute but harvard university (usa), mit(usa)and other well known unbiased  institute.

i am not telling every thing is fine but so many things are being better managed than previous regimes . people have not, still, forgotten  the fare hike of  every year. some people are making hue and cry for tatkal  but raising the fare of tatkal ticket  rly has done good thing as more genuine and needy people are getting ticket and  some money is going to rly in stead of broker. those who travel  without preplanning  knows its advantage. the gentleman has talked about delay in particular project but  he has not  mentioned thousands of rly and other ministries projects running behind its schedule by decades . not only by  months or years . so many new projects have been started and old project completed during upa regime. it is not possible to mention here. every one knows project -delay costs public exchequer in millions but it occurs & did occur in every ministry. i know people give example of dmrc it is good organization but dmrc has got some  special power in construction work by  president of india. as  far as cleanness is concerned it has improved visibly during his rulebut if you observe through political spec it will not seem. filths, on the tracks ,  are  mainly caused   due to human excreta falling from lavatory. now all new coaches will have plane-  like- lavatory and it can not be done overnight on 65000 km track of indian rly network. till then we commuters should not use at standing train . it is written in broad letters we should not use at standing train . but how many  people are following this ? charity begins at home . is it crime to talk about first bullet train between patna and new-delhi ? every minister takes care of his home state . earlier bihar union ministers did not take care of their home state we people are suffering today . if they had taken  care , bihar would have been industrialized state like  maharastra or gujrat because more than 40% minerals were found in bihar only.  bihar was some times earlier called ruhr, a place in germany known for minerals,  of india. the gentleman has pointed    lalu pd. may  be indispensable for manmohan singh or sonia but he is not the same for country or bihar . it e is correct but bihar needs such politicians who have say in union govt .as bihar desperately needs more central projects .   finally no minister or govt can satisfy every one , any one becomes popular through his work because he has satisfied majority of people.

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interim rail budget disappointed people living in kiul;-gaya line of ecrly

(bihar times): some people praise the interim rail budget but the people of kiul-gaya section of ecrly say that the railway minister has overlooked the genuine grievances of of the people. people are demanding the diversion of bhagalpur-new delhi express and bhagalpur or guwahati-mumbai express via kiul-gaya-mughalsarai section having eight district head quartes but these demands are not heeded.

people are also demanding extension of gaya-jhajha passenger to jasidih for the convenience of passengers visiting baidyanath dham without changing trains at kiul but this too has been overlooked. a passenger train introduced by the then railway minster shri nitish kumar for providing direct service of the kiul-gaya people for the state capital of patna though at inconvenient timings between gaya-kiul-patna too was withdrawn without assigning any reason and kept the people of this line unconnected to patna.

in order to provide direct service to the people of kiul-gaya section to patna an alternative suggestion was placed before the present railway minister and other higher railway officials to convert one pair of existing passenger trains running on this section to convert in express and attach it in the bhagalpur-danapur intercity express at kiul to serve as a link express so that direct service be available for patna but that too was ignored.

the exsting 3023/3024 howrah-gaya express was running via main line from kiul onwards but that too via diverted via loop line causing hardship to the passengers. it is also demanded to bring this train on original route but that too is denied.

the bihar legislative assembly adopted a resolution for doubling the kiul-gaya line a year back but that two was not included in the interim rail budget. the sheikhpura-barbigha-biharsharf-daniawan-neora new b.g.line which was started in 2003 and was to be completed in 2007 but the construction of this line is stalled and the foundation stone laid by the then railway minister shri nitish kumar at sheikhpura station is reported to have been bulldozed for the reason known to the railway authorities.

these actions of the railways are clear indications of neglect of this section by the railway authorities including the present railway minister.

may i expect that the railway minister awake from slumber on going through these demands on getting published in your journal and would get the neglect clear out?
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secretary general
govt. regd.dakshin bihar yatri sangh



overall it is a good railway budget. i congratulate laloo ji for the a peoples friendly railway budget. i wish him all the success for the bullet train.

some of his supporters were shouting slogans for him to be prime minister of india. i would say he is a good railway minister. in my opinion a well educated person will never support him to be prime minister. we don't want india to be ruined and brought to the the scrap similar to bihar. please dont make such a blunder. i am an nri and i know, how much laloo has damaged as far as bihar is concerned. let india be ruled by dr. manmohan singh or someone from congress party. it should be the slogan of the next general election "india belong to congress and congress to india".

nitesh kumar is an excellent chief minister. and wish him to break all the records to be the longest chief minister of any state of india. i would request him, the jananta dal (united) to discard bjp alliance, do not go for alliance with the black cobras. stop advani to become prime minister on all front.

haider - muzaffarpur