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amu's off-campus in bihar



let me take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the vice chancellor, aligarh muslim university and the union ministry of human resource development of india who took the initiative of having distant campuses or branches of amu outside aligarh, and i also extend our ( aligs' ) gratefulness to the chief minister of bihar who has finally allocated the required land for it in kishanganj for the same. even though the statutory restrictions of having such campuses, if any, is yet to be steered clear.
when this idea of amu's off campuses was being discussed, i had raised the demand that one such centre must be in bihar. the www. bihartimes.com also joined the mission by publishing my concern about it.
in some sections there are skepticism about manageability of such centres. i only hope that regional spread of the amu campus would help it rise and excel.
my exchange of mails with the persons associated with insaan foundation, kishanganj/ usa was also very encouraging.
i wish to thank them all and looking forward for early accomplishment of the objective.
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aligarh muslim university (india)






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