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" And it's not clear that tribes - if they were to advance another proposal - agree on the approach.


it is not new that amu authorities are behaving like raj thakrey, the author has pointed out very rightly that patna should have been made an examination centre for amu, admissions, i do remember the days when mr sayed hamid was vc of amu, he had deducted 10% marks of the students from bihar seeking admission with the perception that students in bihar get higher marks due to unlawful means during their examination, at the first instance he challenged a system ,and secondly he kept poor students from bihar away from the admission process, there in no logic in not making patna a centre for examinations for the admission at various courses , these authorities are more dangerous than raj thakrey. this is their birth right to do all sorts of malpractice during admission, probably they are afraid that if bihar’s are given fair chances all seat will be filled by those poor but meritorious and hard working students .
the issue is not the examination centre , the issue is the mind set(myopic approach) of the amu, authorities, they never try to improve the boarding and lodging facilities in their campus in the name of bringing equality among students from different walks of life. they are biased and hippocrates .
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