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nitish kumar's last three years


(bihar times) dhire dhire re mana dhire sab kuch hoi mali sinche sau ghada ritu aaye phaal hoi. it may sound awkward to some people, but it is the reality. nothing but effort matters, so when we are going to test nitish kumar we need to look into the efforts he had put during previous three years. jouney of bihar to a developed state is a long process, even abdul kalam set it for 2015 although he don't have any emotion or prejudice we have. so, accept it - it will take time.

do you really want to return home too fast, and want the same job opportunity there? if yes, then you need to create it as it will be not before 2012. depressed, i am also but it is a reality governance is not magic, it require both effort and time.

then what nitish kumar has done in all these 3 years? we can consider him failed, if we go by list of failure as we can see in some of previous posts. but, there are more which really made difference. educational institutes, health care centres, roads, policing, local governance and almost every thing in state a sea of positive chage. still we are nowhere, it we compare with other developed states. but if we compare it with our own state 3 years back, then only we can know the truth.

does these efforts have some positive effect? it is one of the questions we should ask. my answer is yes. we can see it from mood of people in the state. when every state in india saw a damp celebration during current festivity, people from bihar were top on celebrating. it is not a good example, then you need to go to small places and villages to see the development. you will presence of government in the form of roads, schools, health care system, electricity - which was earlier a falacy.

how do wee make the development really fast? although development at this speed will take a long time, there are ways which can make it fast. one of them is entrepreneurship. if we start to invest for state - our own past, present and future - we will see more things coming in very short time. we have a person like sterlite head anil agrwal's calibre who can setup a really huge industry here and create an example for other's to follow. even effort from other experts irrespective of size will speedup the progress. so, it is time to contribute. even a positive thought is your contribution to the state you love more than your life.

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