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election day - another holiday


(bihar times) the dates for lok sabha election has been announced. the first phase is on 16th april and last phase on 13th may.
it is most likely that we the "urban educated" voters will treat the day of voting as holiday and take rest at home or will go out for the picnic. we will do that because there are genuine reasons to do so:
1. the only option we have is of electing a criminal/corrupt mp out of so many similar candidates.
2. the only option we have is of electing mps who will fight among themselves inside parliament.
3. the only option we have is of electing an mp who will be never seen in our constituency for next five years.
4. there is no option in voting machine which is labeled as "none of the above".
corrupt/criminals in election fray, we don’t vote , they elected.
again the same bunch in election fray, again we don't vote, again they elected and the same cycle continues.

this is a vicious cycle. if this cycle is not broken then who are the losers. its we and only we. therefore the responsibility of breaking this vicious cycle is with us only.

whether this vicious cycle was always there since 1952! when the first general election held. the deterioration in quality of candidates started during late 1960s and became worst in subsequent years. however the "urban" "educated" at that time also voted in very few numbers. since this deterioration was not arrested at that time, we have been suffering. if we don't break this vicious cycle, the coming generation will suffer all the more.

to break this cycle there is no other option but to vote. select the least corrupt/criminal candidate/party and vote. once we urban educated start voting in big numbers, political parties will be forced to take note of this development and do something for urban voters, the way they have been doing at least something for their present votebank. it is very important for us to be treated as votebank who think and elect the candidate/parties on its real merit.
this will trigger the political cleaning process, which we all badly requiring. there is no doubt that the cleaning process will be slow and gradual. it will take years to get the kind of candidates we deserve. the way it deteriorated since late 1960s will be reversed in similar way. we have to accept the challenge of shortening this cycle. however the most crucial part of this reverse process remains the same that is to vote. at the same time to make a lasting and significant impact we all have to inspire and motivate others to vote and be part of this cleaning process.
the best thing which is there at present is internet. this medium will help us in shortening the reverse cleaning cycle significantly. "the times of india" group has taken an initiative of "lead india'09". there is another movement "jaago re". these initiatives will definitely make an impact on quality of political leaders, who will rule the country. these initiatives requires our whole hearted support.
it is high time to be part of this movement because the next generatl election will come only after 5 years. should we wait for another 5 years to become part of this revolutionary change!
lets take an oath
- to wipe out the dirt
- to stop pointing fingers
and instead vote for a better future for us and our children
let we all take pledge that "i’ll vote and not let my vote go waste".
and before closing the window, forward this link to your near and dear one's.
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