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Bihar Science Congress: A Letter to Vikrmaditya


In the Bihar Science Congress perhaps a significant number of academics, intellectuals and other celebrities of the state will deliberate. With politicians engaged almost more than 100% in vote politics and in making themselves rich, can those at conference ponder over, deliberate and resolve how they improve the condition of Bihar in spite of the desired amount of support from the government? I firmly believe that it can be done. Can you get my views circulated and deliberated?
Can Institutes in Bihar take some more responsibilities without looking to the government? Each of the educational institute must aim to become Nalanda and Vikramshila on its own through its alumni and donations from the people and the rich. I am sure that many in Bihar still will like to donate for education that was the practice in good old days. I do also believe that like many other social movements, another social reform movement is a necessity. The movement must propagate to channel all donation and charity to temples and priests or expenditures for rituals to the educational institutes and that will provide the similar benefits and blessings from Gods and Goddesses. Further, can the institutes take up the following tasks on priority?
1. Can each educational institute have a very good website of its own providing all information and their researches, the video lectures of its best teachers, PhDs thesis, and other papers?
2. Will the institute make education more employment focused, have language lab, and computer based science courses. Will the institutes focus on honours courses in all applied science subjects, as it will be equivalent to engineering? Will the institutes encourage effectively the teachers and students with aptitude and interest to research?
3. Let every institute have an active association with its alumni and use the successful ones for guest lectures at whenever they visit the home state. Let a fund be created with their donation totally dedicated to advance education.
4. Will the educational institutes grow its interactions with rural India, make the rural issues as subject of study at post graduate and PhD level and propagate the need of education among the rural masses including the deprived classes?
5. Will the educational institutes encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in its curricula of all levels, focus on researches on new areas such as indigenous green technologies and rural use?
6. Can the educational institutes shun politics at least for next 10years?
7. Will the educational institutes at all levels build essential ethics, values, and soft skill essential for building a sound happy society?
8. Will the teaching community rethink on building its respectability in the people as the olden days where guru was respected more than even gods and goddesses?
9. Will the educational institutes go out of the way to focus more on the education of the girl students, adopt villages to eliminate illiteracy among the women?
10. Can some of the intellectuals help converting every temple of the state into a good school?
I am sure you and your core organizing group may further fine tune the issues mentioned in my list above. But you all will certainly agree that my appeal and request may make some impact on the state of education in Bihar. My only request to you is to get this circulated in all the educationists. They may be asked to contribute to make the list universally acceptable.
I wish the conference a great success.



Very good to see your open letter to me on Bihar Times .
I would certainly circulate this to all delegates of the conference and also would discuss in the meeting of the global scientific council on the points you raised.
Bihar based universities are not doing well, this is well known to everybody. In my view, this is not only because of govt. failure to check university but also because of the non working attitude of professors; the system of taking responsibility has collapsed completely in Bihar. They fight for unnecessary issues, they never fight for good labs, fund for the college, working environment in their depts.
The points you raised are certainly very important for colleges and institutes of Bihar. This would be eye opener and also help them to enhance their capabilities.

We are trying our level best to create good R&D environment in the state. Organizing science conference in different universities of Bihar each year , scientific meets, seminars , workshop started by us would be one of the ways to achieve the said mission.
We need support and guidance from all our elders and performers Thanks again for writing open letter. for this noble cause.
Thanks again.

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman, BiharBrains(BBrains Development Society)