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a certificate on bihar

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“we will also try to mobilise the central agencies for speeding up work under the rajiv gandhi gramin vidyutikaran yojana and flood protection,” planning commission deputy chairman m.s. ahluwalia said, adding the commission had recommended extra resources for reaching critical help to the state.
i don’t know if i can feel happy and excited as montek singh has promised to help bihar by mobilizing the central agencies for speeding up work for rural electrification and flood protection. can i dream electricity in my village, pipra near sasaram that has been waiting for it since 1967 even after electing the big names in ministry including jagjivan ram and her daughter?

can i also hope that some positive plans will be taken up to tame kosi, the curse of bihar? why can’t the people of bihar press for a positive commitment from the central government through positive gandhigiri to get a time frame on kosi project? how many more years bihar will have to wait?

planning commission deputy chairperson montek singh ahluwalia has also certified that bihar had made progress in infrastructure, education and health sectors and recorded desired economic growth in the past four years. nitish kumar must have felt very happy with the remark. but can i hope a basic health care centre in my village or a mobile health check up vehicle to visit it at least once?

let the centre or the state provide at least the basic amenities to all the big villages at least or let us know we forget dreaming of that.

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