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Maoists Offer of Talks for What Purpose

Brigadier Arun Bajpai (Retd)


On Tuesday the 17 Aug 20210,Senior Maoists leader kishanji gave a statement that Maoists have no problem in taking on the offer of talks made by the Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee in Lalgarh recently. His conditions being that there should be a three months cease fire and judicial probe must be ordered to investigate Maoist leader Azads death.

In her 09 Aug rally at Lalgarh ,Ms Mamta Banerjee had offered to mediate in the talks with the Naxals and had even criticized the encounter in which the Maoist leader Azad was killed, calling it plain murder. This statement of hers had put Parliament on the boil. The opposition leaders are demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister. Still un phased, She on Wednesday not only welcomed this statement of Maoist for talks but also termed it as a democratic process. How democratic Maoists are she would know better ?

In West Bengal, elections are being held in early 2011.In all probability Mamta Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress are likely to sweep the poll. The ruling CPM has been blaming Mamta Banerjee for being soft on Maoists and hobnobbing with them. Whether it is true or not that is Mamtas concern and of CPM, but this endorsement of talks offer by her is definitely Surely Mamta will be knowing that these Indian Naxalites have based their entire thought process and all the doctrines on the theoretical philosophy of Mao Zedong. Be it Karl Marx, or Vladimir Ulanova Lenin or Mao Zedong, none of them have ever favored ‘talks’. They strictly abhor partnering with the ‘bourgeoisie regime’. They speak of overthrowing the existing parliamentary democracy. They hate ‘revisionism’. After the merger of The Peoples War Group (PWG) and Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) to form Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the year 2004, the Naxal movement has never looked back. These gentlemen are highly organized. Their leaders are young .They have 22000 well armed cadres spread over seven states of India. They control 87 out 630 districts and 40 thousand sq kilometers of land mass of India. They are currently running 100 training camps for their cadres. Their proclaimed aim is not to usurp power at the centre by dint of arms albeit they intend to break India in 30 small independent countries. They are having direct links with Maoist movement of Nepal and as disclosed by Intelligence Bureau now, with Lashkar-e-Toiba which is another name of Pakistani ISI. The present Maoist leadership idolizes the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution of 1966 by Mao Zedong. They despise the deviationist line adopted by Deng Xiao Ping, the maker of modern China which espouses State controlled Capitalism. Hence, there are fundamental differences between the Indian Maoist leadership and the political thought process prevalent in India. A synthesis does not seem to be possible. Besides The operation Green Hunt started by the Central Government against the Maoists has not been able to pick up steam thanks due to the politicians like Mamta who are criticizing the action of their own Government for short term It must be understood in this country that fundamental ideology of Maoism rests on a protracted people’s war in order to topple the so-called ‘reactionary bourgeoisie regime’. Similar movements, launched in Cuba under Castro-Guevara combo, in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas or in Peru under Guzman have all done exactly the same: followed the prototype model of the Chinese Revolution of Mao So when Mr. Kishanji is asking for three months cease fire it is basically meant for rest and recoupment of the Maoist cadres, more extortions from local population to purchase better arms, better media publicity for the spurious cause they are pursuing, and recasting the next phase of the guerilla war in comparative peaceful environment. Meanwhile the meaningless talks will go on. This will break the momentum of the operation green hunt which is now slowly picking up. Same happened a few years back when Andhra Pradesh Government had agreed for talks with the naxals. Ultimately what won the day for the Andhra Pradesh was the hard military India must carry out relentless operations against Naxals without any break. However we must try to wean away the tribal support base of Maoists by reaching out to them and making them feel that Nation cares for them. Leaders like Mamata must be advised that she can not depend on Maoists. Tomorrow they will be a major problem for her once she sits on the throne of CM of West Bengal.

The views expressed by the author are personal.