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Bihar: Murkier Political Scenario

Indra R Sharma


(BiharTimes)With the testing time of the assembly election approaching fast, the political activities are sending some sad signals. The sound bites of Lalu and Ramvilas are getting louder, and Congress is getting energized with Rahul. And as usual the political parties will play all dirty tricks and go for all the unholy opportunistic alliances to win against Nitish. There is nothing wrong with all these in democracy.
Unfortunately, if one goes strictly by press reports, Nitish’s men are signaling for a revolt that is saddening for the well wishers of Bihar. It will embolden the failed leaders. The leaders of the communities held higher in caste-based hierarchy are trying to taste their strength or to find the best side to support to gain the maximum. Though it will hardly help the caste members at large, but the unscrupulous leaders will mesmerize a big chunk of ignorant people of the community to follow their dictate for voting a party. I myself don’t understand the chemistry of the castes in Bihar.
I do also doubt if Prabhunath, Lallan, or Shivanand are the uncontested leaders of the castes they were born in and represent. And it will be a real black day if the castes as whole consider them so and back them politically. Today the people of Bihar must shun the habit of getting near to these fake leaders of the caste. Let them prefer for a proven leader of any caste.
These leaders are basically unscrupulous. They were with Nitish to get their own interests served and not to help him to see Bihar on development path. And their problems with Nitish are very different. Nitish as the chief minister was not ready to listen to them in matter of transfer of senior government officials or allotment of party tickets to the wards of the MPs and MLAs in their blocks. They envy Nitish and the credit and acclamation he has got for the development being carried out in Bihar. They complain against his king’s like behavior. Perhaps, Nitish has also failed to keep them in good humour.
It is really an unfortunate situation that there is hardly any outstanding leader in any of the party who has earned a real visible status for himself beside the three old-timers- Nitish, Lalu, and Ram Bilas. Naturally, if we go by performance Nitish is the best. He could have done better. I wish he could have been a little more aggressive and could tap some real good outsiders to help him in the development programmes.
As it appears, no sane person will like Lalu clan back. People at large don’t have any complaint against Nitish as individual. It appears Nitish has established an image of his integrity. Many from the state wish Nitish to get to rule Bihar one more time.