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Arrogant Nitish

Indra R Sharma


I am sure, neither many from Bihar love Modi, nor all even those belonging to Nitish’s clan hate him. But it will be interesting to know how many of those from Bihar will agree with the way Nitish Kumar is behaving very lately with the BJP and particularly with a chief minister of a state. Is it in line with the Bihar’s culture? Will Nitish himself and all Bihari over there like, if Nitish happens to visit Gujarat and Modi behaves with him in the same way, calls for a dinner and then cancels it?
It is unfortunate that Nitish Kumar has not stopped there.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar returned the Rs.5 crore that had been given for the purpose. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Saturday returned the Rs.5 crore that had been given for the purpose. I don’t consider it as an example of his ‘biharipan’, that he wants to propagate.
Even Ahmad Patel, Sonia’s confidant denounced Nitish’s action, as Rs 5 crore of Gujarat was not of Modi but of and from the people of Gujarat. It is an insult of a donor, however small he may be. Is Nitish not harming the interest of large number of persons of Bihar origin working in Gujarat?
Unfortunately, Nitish over these four years has become more arrogant and autocrat almost following the footstep of Lalu. Some very favourable reportings in media might have brought the damage. Does it mean the beginning of the end of the rise that many like me expected?
One thing is but sure that his latest behavior is not of the same maturity that he showed in his utterances and action earlier. He might be in control of JD-U today. But in Bihar it doesn’t take much time to go down the hill.
Nitish is neither even democratic in his action. He hardly consults the cabinet or his party. The way he decided to support the women’s reservation bill against the wishes of his party president and then supported caste census was the example of his inconsistency. Should not he consult his cabinet before taking the decision of returning the Gujarat donation? Did he do that?
It is unfortunate that Congress doesn’t have good leaders left in Bihar and BJP leaders of the state are neither united nor ready to take the challenge.
Can Nitish stop Lalu and BJP going together in election, if Lalu thinks Muslims will vote for Nitish?
However, I still wish Nitish to succeed in the next election to see a developed Bihar sooner and in my life, but to keep his humility in tact.

The views expressed by the author are personal.