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Is it Time for Meeting or Action?

Navendu Sinha


It has been highlighted by various newspapers as well as “Aaj-Tak” that unless some actions is taken, the other three members of Bihar Police is going to be executed as well. This has created an atmosphere of fear and anarchy in the state. It is felt that the Govt. is not taking adequate steps towards addressing this issue, because when bullets hit the body, when we are invaded, when lawlessness is on the rise, we do not meet; but act.  When Naxalites hit us hard, so much that the policemen are killed, threatened and kidnapped, it is too late to “conduct a meeting”.  When Tete’s body is brought back with a note, we sit back and say “lets deal with it tomorrow”. That sounds like a school boy saying, “I shall deal with my homework tomorrow, today I want to play”.  What is more important than the security of the people of Bihar?  

“Lets meet tomorrow” is too late, Mr. Nitish Kumar.  It seems that the chief minister instead of dealing with strength and authority,  is looking for an “All Party Solution” to the problem of Naxalities. Wait a minute, who is the Chief Minister? Lets inspect the word again, “Chief”, is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the head or leader of an organized body or highest in rank or authority”. Leadership is determined by one’s ability to think quickly and act fast.  Mr. Kumar exhibits very little of this quality. This is war time, not a loosey-goosey day. It time to act, defend Bihar and the threat to it. If Mr. Kumar needs advice from all parties on this issue, he should share the seat as well house with everyone else.

This is just another instance which exhibits the weak leadership of Mr. Nitish Kumar and his cabinet.  Every police officer, or Govt. officer fears who’s next.  The chief minister should come out and explain why such an incident has happened in the state of Bihar.  If the lives of policemen are under threat, who is safe?  Well, we should rest assured because Mr. Nitish Kumar is going to have this problem solved.

The whole world is laughing at Mr. Kumar incompetency. The Bihari community in United States and other parts of the world, asks Mr Nitish, “Enough meetings, talks, claim to fame; where is the action that you are personally responsible for?”

Why cannot the naxalites be hunted down? Why does the state not use the forces it has to hunt them down? Why is the police force been tamed?  Why is the CRPF a standing duck? What else is the definition of lawlessness, when a state official is executed, and all the state does is “meet tomorrow”.  Well, Mr. Nitish Kumar cannot be called the “chief minister” ; I am sure he can be called the “chief consultant” as “he is looking to consult everyone”.

The views expressed by the author are personal.