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Prabhu Lallan Inc, Bihar

Indra R Sharma 


(BiharTimes) I keep on hoping that India, particularly Bihar shuns its universal bias for caste identity that is one of the main reasons for its backwardness and social strife for ages. Unfortunately, the political leaders as well as media are hell-bent on keeping it alive and making even the educated lots caste biased.
Every news report related to the assembly election that is due pretty soon carries some or the other reference to caste without fail.
Prabhunath Singh, who was anti-Lalu till yesterday, is in news, as he has switched to Lalu’s camp and so have few of his so-called followers done. Lalu expects to get the votes of his caste. I don’t know if the people of Prabhu’s caste will have so much of affinity for him that they will vote to Lalu’s party that he has joined.
Lallan Singh is also in news for a similar reason as he has moved nearer to Congress. Lallan has announced to campaign for Congress. I don’t know whom he wishes to fool. He would have outright joined Congress.
Both Prabhu Lallan come from the so-called forward caste and have deserted Nitish Kumar, as he might not have agreed for some of the favours from the duo. There may be some more desertions by the politicians of all castes with nearing of the time of the selection of the candidates by Nitish Kumar as pressure.
Unfortunately, Nitish is also doing the same as countermeasure even thereby compromising on some principles that were pretty dear to him, and many liked that too. But the persons like me can never like Nitish’s love for Taslimmuddin and Anand Mohan Singh. But why should he care for that? After all, the common voters are not intellectuals.
Nitish as such appears, sometimes, pretty arrogant and adamant. And he has failed to give the state any breakthrough changes to take it ahead in the league with the developed states. However, Nitish is the best bait and he must get another term to prove if he can really bring in the remnant necessary changes for bringing in investment for creating employment that will take the condition of the poor in the state to a respectable level.
I am of an opinion that the days of these regional leaders such as Lalu or Mulayam are over. The experiment has failed to benefit the people at large. And the people of Bihar must demand from their politicians the same amount of development as the other states have been able to achieve. Let their votes not go to false promises any more. Let no family be allowed to rule and get bigger than the state.
Will the votes of so-called forward castes of the state get divided by Prabhu Lallan Inc in favour of bringing in the rule of rogues again that put Bihar half a century behind in development? Alternatively, will they vote for Nitish and his alliance party to come in power so that they don’t blame the people of the state anytime thereafter for not giving the opportunity as NDA has been doing time and again after its one term at the centre?
Let the people of Bihar don’t go by the call of the caste or one from Prabhu Lallan Inc., but elect the best candidate and if no one in the lot is good enough force the political parties to change their candidates.
Let even Nitish understand that this will be the last chance for him to prove or go down the history as one who failed Bihar and its people.

The views expressed by the author are personal.



Who am I to advise Nitish? However, if I go that big I shall certainly be doing that. But the enlightened voters of every constituency can demand that and make every party leader kneel down to their wishes.

I like Modi also but for only his development work in his state. For me, both the identities either by the community or caste must die.


All the leaders are doing the same. They are polarising their vote banks based on their castes etc.. whether it is Nitish, Lalu, Lallan, prabhunath, upender kushwaha, tariq anwar, Modi or whoever. I am not sure why this special article about Lallan, Prabhunath? Any idea why BJP is not able to overcome Modi? Its total because a particular vote bank. Are you going to say to Nitish that don't field any Kurmi caste from Nalanda, No Kayastha from Patna City, No Rajput from Shivhar, Banka, Arrah, No Koeri from Karakat, No bhumihar from Jahanabad, No Brahmin from Buxar, No yadav from Danapur? No right? Caste prevails everywhere.