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fatuha industrial area


this is to bring to your notice that biada has taken 78 industries in fatuha and patliputra industrial area.

for this no communication was made with the owners and payment was made to bsfc.

most of these units were sick and closed for long as there was no help from government authorities ( biada/ bsfc/ bank).

instead of helping these industries they have takenover and are selling at new rates which are exorbitant.

few of the industries who knew about it approached court but still there are many who are not aware.

this is inappropriate because biada shoud have taken industries into confidence before buying their properties which were given on lease.

when mail is sent to biada there is no reply except" thanks mail".

i request you to look into this matter and help the industrialists.

anuj pande

the views expressed by the author are personal.





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