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Its a Politics Sir jee



(BiharTimes)“Mumbai belongs only to Maharashtrian”, “All Indians are free to go any place” – these sentences are buzz now a days. Most of the newspapers have similar headlines. But it is not a new issue. Its seeds were sowed long time back when some students from north India (UP & Bihar) were brutally assaulted during their railway recruit exam. But why after such a long time we are hearing such kind of news? The answer is- “it’s a politics sir jee”.

Why Rahul Gandhi was dumb for more than one and half year? Why BJP were in coma for these days? The reason is there was assembly elections is Maharashtra & none of the political parties wanted to lose their ground. When BJP- Shiv Sena alliance lost the battle, then BJP realized,” Oh! There is election in Bihar also this year”. BJP thought it was the right time to roast the toast and its supporting group RSS even showed the courage to protect the north Indians in Maharashtra. Congress felt it is losing its already lost ground, so Rahul Gandhi made such a statement.

Sometime I feel what kind of democracy we have that for a tiny matter our politicians have to think about their vote bank first. They forget the humanity and ethics. If some student is being beaten, let them die their fate.

Even our politicians are so complacent that they don’t learn from history also. Who was Bhindrawala? Who supported him and ignored his wrongdoing and finally who killed him. It was Congress. In 80’s Bhindrawala campaigned for congress for assembly elections. At that time also Bhindrawala was playing to divide the nation and create separate Khalistan. Congress having paucity of vision, decided to remain mum. Ultimately it was the same bold lady of India, Prime minister Indra Gandhi who ordered the army to kill him even in sacred place of Sikh, Golden temple. (Operation Blue Star). After that we know the history that how Indra Gandi was assassinated and in repercussion lakhs of Sikhs were massacred. If the congress would have acted prudently at initial stage and would have nipped the evil in the bud, lakhs of Sikhs lives would have been saved.

Similar scenario is in Maharashtra. It’s a fact that a prime minster has enough power to shut the motor mouth of Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray or anyone who is diving the community and nation. But no action taken because agin “ it’s a politics Sir jee”. Even Lalu Jee was in power when some north Indian student were attacked; why didn’t he showed the courage to resign from the Railway ministry and mount the pressure on center government and state government? Because these leaders just mean politics and they have no concern for poor, down trodden and common man. Although we saw the action from JD(U) when all their MPs resigned. In spite of having so many intellectual and good leaders we are regressing.

Finally I remember one of the dialogues of the movie ‘Border’. After a long fight by Indian army they were surrounded by more equipped Pakistani forces & facing towards losing the battle, Suddenly Indian Air force came and destroyed the enemies. At that time there was a dialogue, “ Hami Ham hain to Kya hum hain, Tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho”. The meaning is self explanatory. It is axiomatic that India can progress only when there will be unity, peace and harmony among all communities. May God give the wisdom to those politicians to play healthy politics?

Jitender Singh